How to lighten the hair to achieve a beautiful tone

There are many people who like lighter shades in their hair, either to have beautiful reflections or to completely change the tone of the hair. Starting from the base you have, you can always clarify the hair in various ways, with more or fewer degrees in the tones depending on the method you use.

If you want to know what your alternatives are when it comes to clearing your hair, then we tell you what you can do to choose what best suits what you want at all times. From the most natural methods to others that involve hairdressing treatments, there are many things to choose from.

Wicks in the hairdressing salonhairdressing

One of the ways to clarify the hair in some tones and in a way that is quite natural is with the thin wicks. If we only use lighter shades than our hair, the effect will be quite natural and beautiful, as if they were some reflections of the sun. That’s why in this case the brunettes will use brown highlights and those with brown or ash blond hair will be able to use a more golden tone to brighten and lighten the hair.

Hair dyeHair dye

With the dye, you can lighten the hair in the tones you want, although if it is a very different tone to our base you will soon notice the roots. One method that is used a lot today is to clarify only the tips. But anyway we must take into account that when it comes to clarifying hair with chemical products, it suffers more and dries up. It spoils more the hair the clearer we want it and this must be taken into account because to recover the softness of the hair we will need more care.

Rinse hair with honey

If you do not want your hair to be dry or you have fine hair that will not admit this type of treatment because it will end up breaking, then you can resort to natural treatments. In this case, we have treatments with products that will not damage the hair, but the truth is that at the time of clarifying the effort will be greater and the result much lower. We can never have a very light blond or platinum. With these natural ingredients, we managed to create little lighter wicks. Honey is one of these products and also has the advantage that it is antibacterial, so it would help us at the same time to fight dandruff and hydrate the hair. It’s worth it for how healthy we can get our hair back, even if it’s not clear to us.

Use chamomilechamomile

This is one of the tricks that can give better results if we want something simple and natural to do almost daily. It does not cost much since we only have to make an infusion of chamomile and let it cool. After the shower, we will use it to make a final rinse and let it act. This is even more noticeable in summer since with the sun’s rays it tends to clear naturally. In the blondes, it brings reflections and in the dark hair more brown reflections.

Cassia for hairCassia

One of the remedies that can be good to give you golden and clear highlights in the hair is the cassia, which is an herb that provides minerals to the hair and also takes care of it. The only problem we see is that you have to make a kind of mud with water to get a product that is put on the hair. To make the hair clear something we will have to leave it on the hair for a long time, some hours, so it is not suitable for everyone.

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