How to have straight hair

For many women having straight hair becomes a dream. But it is certain that, sometimes, those dreams are only achieved with the help of plates or various products. Although we do not want you to damage your hair more than necessary and we are going to tell you some secrets.

Because having straight hair can not only be achieved with the help of those electrical devices that harm and weaken us. That’s why it is not enough to follow some steps or natural and home remedies. Following all that we show you today, you will see how straight hair is only a matter of a little patience.

Steps to have straight hair

We must choose a suitable shampoo for our purpose today. In the supermarket, we have a wide range of products, among which we will look at all those that are intended to straighten the hair, but at the same time, take care of the hair fiber. More than anything because before we start looking for a straightening, our hair has to be healthy. Starting from that, we can start to get down to work.

To avoid frizz, after the shampoo applies a mask. This will also be with smoothing action to complete the work that started the shampoo. You can use it a couple of times a week, leaving it a reasonable time.straight hair

When we comb wet or wet hair, we must use a good comb. The best ones are those with long and somewhat wide spines. Hence, wood combs are one of the best options. Avoid plastic ones, because they will not save you from frizz or static electricity.

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To avoid damage, it is best to choose to dry the hair in the air. If you do it with a dryer, remember to apply a heat shield and place the dryer always from the root to the tips.

With damp hair, you can comb by strands, stretching them well and go placing them to the opposite side to hold it with forks. This causes the hair to stretch. We let it dry and we will check how smooth it is, without the need for dryers.straight hair

Natural remedies to have straight hair

  • Honey and olive oil: In the glass of the blender you will throw a cup of honey, half of the olive oil, half of the milk and a spoonful of coconut oil. We beat it well and apply it to wet hair. We wrap it in a shower cap or with a towel. Let stand half an hour and wash as usual.
  • Egg and oil: To repair the hair at the same time we will see more smooth, nothing like combining two great ingredients that we all have at home. To do this, you will beat two eggs and mix them with three tablespoons of olive oil. The procedure is the same as in the previous step. You can comb your hair to extend the product, once you have applied it. You will let act for half an hour and you will retire washing well.
  • Honey and strawberries: If you have badly damaged hair, try this remedy. Clean and cut three strawberries that you will throw in the blender along with two tablespoons of honey and a glass of milk. Again, you will apply this mixture on the hair, leaving it to act for about 50 minutes. When the time has passed, wash as usual.
  • Argan oil: Without a doubt, it is another of the great remedies for our hair. So, we could not forget him. We will do a light massage all over the scalp with this oil. Then, we will comb the hair to extend it to the area of means and tips. We cover and let act half an hour. Then, remove with water. You will see how having straight hair is easier than you thought!

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