How to grow hair in a few days

Grow hair. The truth is that miracles cannot be carried out, especially when it comes to growing hair. But it is true that being constant and following the steps that we leave you, you will see how your hair grows in a short time. We will start with a technique that we have tried and of course, it leaves numerous benefits.

To then continue with the natural remedies that cause our hair and scalp to be stimulated. Only then can we notice the changes in them. Not everyone will grow equally. Because also said growth depends on other internal factors such as stress or good nutrition. Knowing all this, we get down to work.

An oil and head down to grow hair

Yes, it may sound a bit crazy but it makes a lot of sense. The first trick is more than perfect to stimulate circulation and our hair grows with the passing of days. For this, the first step to take is to choose the oil that we like the most. It can be castor oil, argan oil or coconut oil. But if you have someone else at home, in this style, you can also use it.

We will heat the selected vegetable oil a little. But yes, make sure you have not gone over the temperature because we do not want to burn our heads. If you already have this second step ready, then go for the third one. You will lie on your back on your back, at one end of it and with your head out. Thus, you can let the hair fall down. Put on a towel to avoid staining.grow hair

Now you just have to finish applying the oil with a light massage. It is not about pushing much less. It only goes through the entire area of the scalp to stimulate it. With a couple of minutes, it will be enough. After the massage, let rest about 20 minutes. Then we will get up carefully and we can wash the hair. This same procedure you will repeat for a week and you will see the results.

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An egg shampoo

As it could not be less, when we think of natural and home remedies, the egg is always the protagonist. The proteins you have will bring more vitality to our hair, making it grow healthier. In this case, we will beat three buds and apply them all over the hair. We will let it rest for 15 minutes and then, we just have to eliminate, washing the hair well.

The mix of aloe vera and honey

Two great remedies that come together to create one. In this case, we talk about aloe vera that we will have to mix in equal parts with honey. With two tablespoons will be enough. When we have mixed it, you only have to apply it for the hair. Concentrate especially on the scalp. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then wash your hair.

Birth control pills

Perhaps it is not one of the most common remedies, but the truth is that it is a very effective one. You need 12 ground tablets of this type that you will throw in your usual shampoo. Mix well and you will have the perfect solution to grow hair. It seems that the ingredients of the pills, such as progesterone (which is a female hormone) will make the hair grow stronger and grow much faster.


In a similar way, the onion can be used. In addition to giving us a great shine in our hair, we will also get it to grow sooner than we think. To be able to see it as soon as possible, we need to finely chop an onion that is not too big. We’ll put it in our shampoo bottle and wait a week before using it. Then, you can wash your hair with it. You do not need to throw more than you usually use, but the amount you’re used to. You will see how it works!

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