How to give volume to curly hair

Giving volume to curly hair can help you see how your hair has more body. Because it does not indicate that by having curly hair, it already has that volume that we are looking for. All we have similar hair; we know that it is a great advantage when it comes to combing or doing some hairstyles.

Therefore, it will also lend itself to giving it a little more volume. But yes, talking about volume does not mean that we have to talk about frizzy hair. Hence, it is always better to follow a few steps as we leave you, to obtain a much more special result.

How to give volume to curly hair, washing, and drying

We begin by washing the hair. Without a doubt, it is always the first step, both to take care of it and to give it the volume we are looking for. It is best not to wash your hair every day, so as not to dry it out. But logically this always depends on the needs of each one. If you have to wash it every day, then it is best to opt for a sulfate-free shampoo.

After rinsing the shampoo, we will apply a conditioner. It will be perfect to reduce frizz and provide the necessary naturalness and volume. You can not rinse the conditioner, to add a little more moisture to your hair. It is best to comb with a wide-barred comb, without unduly undressing the curls. Let the hair dry lightly outdoors. Remember that to remove excess water; it is always better to squeeze a little hair with a shirt and not a towel.curly

To finish drying, or when we are in a hurry, nothing likes the dryer and diffuser. But do not dry it completely with it, as it could end up frizzy. Apply a product that is moisturizing, since this way you will avoid such frizz altogether.

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Dry shampoo for the roots

Following the roots always gives us the necessary volume. So, in addition to taking care of our curls themselves, we also have to attend to the roots part. In what way by applying a little dry shampoo on this area. We are extending it by doing a light massage on the head, while trying to give volume, raising the hair. Then, you can put some tweezers in the root zone, to continue raising the strands. For a more lasting effect, it is best to do it a few hours before leaving.curly

Use the tongs

Although they should not be used in a regular way, it is true that from time to time we can use these types of tools. To try to give volume to the curly hair, nothing like using the tongs. But only in some strands and above all, focusing on those close to the face and those of the top of the head. The best thing is to pass them by some strands and all over the head. You will add a little volume and definition to the hair.give volume

The best hairstyle to give volume

If you have half a mane or shorter hair, you can always comb from back to front. But yes, remember that the proper combs are those that carry the wide barbs. You must place the comb horizontally in the area of the root and then take it from the bottom up, always with ascending movements. Remember that you must remove the comb the way it entered the hair that is horizontal. You will see how with this simple gesture, you will obtain much more volume than you imagine. Surely from now on, you’ll be able to wear a much more voluminous mane and of course, full of marked curls.

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