How to get thicker hair

Getting thicker hair is also possible if you follow a series of steps. Because sometimes fine hair is given as much by the passage of time as by stress problems, among many others. Hence, remedying them as soon as possible will be the best solution.

Meanwhile, we can apply all the solutions that we leave you today to make your hair look thicker than usual. Of course, we always opt for home remedies and natural. Only then can we achieve our goal today. Write down everything we are going to tell!

Washing and massage on the scalp

A perfect technique to activate this area and make our hair look a little thicker. It is clear that as often happens, we need a bit of perseverance and patience before seeing the great results. Not only does hair washing work, but we also have to spend a little time in our head. We will perform a small relaxing massage for a few minutes. We help each other with the fingertips and we will make some movements in a circular way.

Look at the labels of hair products

Maybe you already do it, but otherwise, it does not hurt to check well what you buy. Because even if we do not realize it, it can be the shampoos that cause our hair to become thinner and lifeless. Since some have ingredients that make the hair look drier and weaker. For this reason, you should leave the shampoos with sulfates aside. Try to make the conditioner home. This way you will be saving and you will also know what you give your hair. You can make it with honey, banana or avocado. Although simply with a little olive oil you will notice the desired effect.

Dry it outdoors

We insist a lot on this issue and that is for something. Because without doubt, the dryer or the irons have a high temperature that will do nothing but damage our hair. So, it is always better to let it dry outdoors. It is true that we can not always, because time escapes us. If so, try to get the temperature of the dryer very low and that it does not come too close to your hair. Also, remember that once you have washed it, you should not squeeze it against the towel. It is always better with a cotton cloth or shirt and presses it lightly.

A good haircut

It does not always mean to cut it in length, but to shape it with those hairstyles that favor it most. Undoubtedly, the waves will always be one of the great bases to give more body to our hair. You can choose from the little marked and in the area of the tips, to another tighter. Of course, the Bob cut is always synonymous with the trend because it helps us in all those cases. Also, remember that hairstyles with toupees or volume are the best options for a thicker hair. Always comb it with your head down, help yourself with a little foam and let it dry in the open air. Layered cuts are also a good idea because they will help us see how we look like we have more hair.

A touch of color for thicker hair

It is true that if we play with color, wicks, and brightness in general, they will also help us to create thicker and fuller hair. It does not mean that you have to change your usual color; you just need to enhance it. Hence, the wicks are one of the best allies. Anyway, it does not hurt that you always ask your trusted hairdresser because who better than him to take you on the right track.

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