How to get perfect and lasting curls

The girls that have wavy hair are lucky because we can wear the same hair that curly and both things tend to last a long time. However, it usually happens that we almost always want what we do not have, and we do not see the beauty of what we do have.

The girls with curly hair, many of them. I have heard them say many times that they would prefer to have straight hair to wear it always arranged and more “formal”. However, having curly hair, with a curl well done, beautiful and careful, is quite a fortune. This article is designed for you. Those with curly and voluminous hair. Today we come to tell you how to get perfect and lasting curls. A few tricks that will surely serve to take care of them and keep them always hydrated and well defined

Tricks to keep the hair curl well taken care of

Curly hair almost never combs. This does not mean that we go with the head made a bird’s nest, but quite the opposite. We comb our hair, freshly clean, with a wide comb to untangle possible knots and always with wet hair. It is strictly forbidden to pass a brush or comb with fine tines and together with curly, dry hair. Why? Because we would give the hair a curly hair appearance and also the curls would lose definition. Therefore, for the day to day. We will wet a little with water or a spray for curly hair and we will comb with the help of the fingers.

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Moisturizing curly hair is not a whim, it’s a necessity. The curly hair, as a rule, is of people with dry and fine hair so it will be necessary a good contribution of hydration. This hydration will help the hair look brighter, softer and the curl is better done. If you wash your head for example 3 times a week. In two of them, after washing you will use a conditioner and in which a nutritious mask remains. In this way, your hair will be hydrated and well cared for throughout the week. It would also be convenient to use a serum before drying or for when you have it dry, massage the ends a bit.

You must use a suitable color. For curly hair, any type of coloring does not work. If for example, we have only one color in the hair, with the curl it can look quite boring and serious. To make it look a little more joyful and moving, you could make some other disparate wicks. This way you will see certain reflections that will be much better in your type of mane.curls

Dry your hair with the help of the diffuser. A diffuser of the hair dryer will be your great ally in this battle of curly hair … The diffuser will help you to define the curl better, although we do not recommend you to abuse much of it either, it is better to dry the curls outdoors but if one day you are in a hurry and want more definition. The diffuser will help you a lot.

With experience, you will know at what times and times of the day especially your curls look better. That is, if you wash them in the morning, they dry in the air and in the evening they look perfect. Mine, for example, are to wash in the afternoon, let them air dry and go through the bed all night. The next day, just moisten them a little, apply a curly spray, comb them with your hands and that’s it! Curls almost perfect.

Let yourself be advised by the experts. No one better than you to know your curls, and nobody better than expert hairdressers to know about cuts, capes, and other hairstyles. Let yourself be advised, always by the hand of a good hairdresser or hairdresser and let him orient you so much in the cuts as in the care of them. Maybe you even dare with the fringe … Have you thought about it or have you already tried it?

A curly hair is quite entertaining to handle so enjoy them and get the most out of them.

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