How to get more shine in your hair

A healthy hair is a hair that in addition to strong and soft is bright, but this is not so easy to achieve. When the cuticle is healthy it comes to reflect the light, which gives shine to the hair. That’s why when it’s damaged it becomes opaque and loses this brilliant touch. There are several ways to make the hair regain the healthy and natural shine it should have.

Depending on your hair type, you can use some remedies or other, but in general, everything is aimed at restoring the health and softness to hair that may have been lost by the use of heat appliances or the use of dyes and other processes that they spoil

Moisturizes hair in depthMoisturizes hair

One of the reasons why you do not have shine in your hair is due to the lack of hydration. This is the most common failure we make, making our hair not shine because it is dry. In this way, it will be easier to break and open the ends. The solutions, in this case, are varied. From natural oils such as coconut or jojoba, which apply to all types of hair, to use a mask, daily conditioner and after-wash products that give a touch of extra hydration. If your hair is thin and you are afraid of it getting clumpy, you can do the trick of using the conditioner before washing it, so that it hydrates but there are no remains or it is opaque and caked.

Avoid heat appliancesAvoid heat appliances

The devices heat dries the cuticle and removes shine. Of course, we know that it is much healthier when we do not use them, but it is hard not to. Try to dry your hair a little in the air and give it a final touch with a hairdryer and leave the plates only for special occasions. Although we use the heat protector, the set will always take away softness and shine in the hair.

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Natural DyesNatural dyes

The dyes spoil the hair, especially those that discolor. Nowadays there are almost no options in natural dyes, since the best thing is the henna, and it does not cover as much as a normal dye can. Also, keep in mind that the tones are limited and depend a lot on our natural base. In short, they may not be an option if we are very attached to a hair tone, but we will win with them in hair health.

Remedies to give the immediate shine

Sometimes we want to have a little more shine in the hair and we do not know how to do it. Well, there are simple remedies that our grandmothers must have already used. Use a stream of vinegar in the last rinse to make the hair shine more. It is a very simple and affordable remedy for everyone. Even if it seems to have a strong smell, it will disappear later.

Beware of the type of shampooshampoo

Sometimes we use a shampoo that is not suitable for our hair type and that makes it opaque. There are hairs that promise hydration and are only suitable for very dry or curly hair, leaving others with little shine. Choose the type of shampoo to leave your hair loose and shiny. Also note that it has neither silicones, which adhere to the hair, nor paraben.

The calcareous water

This may be another reason why your hair does not have too much shine, and that is that in some places the water is very calcareous and this causes residues in the hair. The solution is to have some bottled water of weak mineralization and make a final rinse with it, to remove those remains of the water from the area.

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