How to get a natural hair straightening

We like curly hair but also straight hair. Of course, sometimes we do not have one or the other, but we discover how our hair is unmanageable. Well, today we will see how to make a natural smoothing with home remedies.

We love homemade solutions and that is because they always give us great virtues and the greatest care. So, we can not ask for anything more. It is time to leave behind other more aggressive techniques to straighten hair. You will see how providing everything that hair needs, it is returned to you in that perfect smooth you want.

Natural smoothing with coconut milk and lemon

What we need is to get the hair soaked in all the vitamins and minerals of each of the ingredients. Only in this way, we can enjoy a hair with a finish to its being, more than incredible. So, in this case, we try to make a kind of conditioner to leave a very smooth result. We mix 250 ml of coconut milk with the juice of a lemon. First, you will wash your hair as usual and then, as a conditioner, we will apply the mixture. You can let act a few seconds and rinse with plenty of water.banana

The nutrients of the banana

Thanks to the nutrients of the banana, we can also enjoy a new result to achieve natural smoothing. Crush a banana to make a puree, when we have it, we add half a glass of milk. We make a paste with both ingredients. Again, we will apply it when we have wet hair. We will cover with a shower cap and let act one hour, if possible. Then, we remove it with water and comb.

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Eggs and olive oil

In addition to getting a highly nutritious blend for the hair, it will allow us to show off a natural smoothing effect. For this, we beat the eggs and mix them with a spoonful of olive oil. We will apply it through the scalp with a light massage. Let stand for one hour and then, we remove washing the hair well to remove all the rest.

Smoothed with a toga or turban

In this case, we rest from natural remedies but only a few seconds. We will use the toga method or also known as the turban. For which, only with our hair we will get a much smoother finish. It is a matter of combing the hair well and holding it with tweezers but always trying to stretch it as much as possible. Yes, maybe it’s better that we explain the explanation in the video. This way there will no longer be any doubt about something so simple to do!

Aloe vera mask

As it could not be missed, aloe vera is again among us to leave a perfect result in the hair. In this case, we need two tablespoons of the gel and the same amount of olive oil. If you have very long hair, it is always better to increase the amounts slightly. Mix both ingredients and apply them all over the hair. Let sit for half an hour and then, wash as usual.strawberries

Milk and strawberries

Although it may seem that it is a rich smoothie, in this case, we will not take it, but it will be our hair that takes the best part. We will soak up the proteins in the milk as well as the vitamins in the strawberries. We will mix 250 ml of milk with 50 grams of strawberries and to finish, we add two tablespoons of honey. We beat everything well and apply it to the hair when it is wet. We cover with a shower cap and let act for an hour and a half. If you have more time, you can leave it another half hour without a problem. You will wash the hair to remove it and apply your usual conditioner. When you comb your hair you will see how soft and smooth you will be.

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