How to fight dandruff on the scalp

Dandruff on the scalp may be due to several reasons. You may have dry scalp, but it is usually caused by a fungus that increases the production of flakes in the dermis, which break off and give rise to that dandruff we know. This is a complex problem that must be studied in each case. Because there may be more causes although this is the most common.

In addition, when talking about dandruff we have two types, fat dandruff, and dry dandruff. Depending on the type of dandruff we can sometimes use different products and methods. In general, there are homemade forms and also pharmacy to combat dandruff. Although here we will give some advice it will always be important to go to the dermatologist in case we do not know the origin.

Sodium bicarbonatescalp

Baking soda is one of the great solutions for cleaning the scalp and even hair. You have to dilute it in water and use that paste to gently rub the scalp. Then it must be rinsed with water. In general, this method does not require anything else because it helps us to have a clean and balanced scalp, ending little by little with the common fungus that produces dandruff.

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Aloe veraaloe vera

Another thing we can use to combat dandruff is aloe vera. The aloe vera gel is extracted from the plant and used for multiple solutions. It is well known for balancing and caring for the skin, so it will help us when we have dandruff with problems of redness or inflammation in the scalp, due to some dermatitis.


Honey is also a great remedy, in this case, if the dandruff is dry because it has moisturizing power. Honey is antibacterial so it is also useful to combat that fungus. It is a remedy a little more cumbersome than aloe vera or baking soda, because it is more difficult to remove, but has proven very useful when it comes to skin care.

Amla powder

This is a remedy that is not always talked about but that helps the skin a lot. The powder of the amla plant can be obtained and used on the skin in a kind of mask as if it were mud. You have to mix it with distilled water in a container that is not metal and create this paste. It is applied on the scalp, covered with a plastic to retain heat and left to act for more than half an hour. The remedy performed at least once a week will help us to eliminate dandruff, itching, and irritations on our scalp. This paste should be removed only with water and the hair is clean.

Jojoba oil

For that dandruff that has to do with a dry or oily scalp, we have jojoba oil. This oil balances the sebum on the skin and moisturizes the scalp, so it can be a good remedy. Although after using it as a mask we will have to wash our hair thoroughly. Oil that is useful in these cases is coconut oil, which also leaves the hair very soft and removed more easily.

Apple vinegar

The vinegar is one of the folk remedies most commonly used when fighting dandruff. It is an ingredient that quickly ends with that fungus that creates dandruff. You have to use a stream of vinegar in the last rinse of the hair and let it act and dry without further, performing a light massage on the scalp.

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