How to feed yourself to avoid hair loss

We will discover one of the best-kept secrets. If you have asked yourself how to feed yourself to avoid hair loss, on countless occasions, today we have the best answers. Because in addition to the specific products we can use for this problem, food plays a very important role.

Needless to say, we are what we eat and in this case, too. Eating to prevent hair loss is easier than it may seem. Simply following a balance of the ingredients that we are going to mention, you will see how your hair thanks you in the form of brightness and vitality.

Feeding to avoid hair loss thanks to iron

One of the main elements for our body and also for the hair is iron. Thanks to him, the follicles will become stronger than ever, so we will say goodbye to hair loss. Remember that you can choose several sources of iron. Among them, lentils will be the main ones, as well as seafood, spinach or chickpeas. You do not have to consume a lot of the mentioned foods, but you can alternate and combine them every day.Eggs for your hair

Eggs for your hair

The protein that the egg has becomes vital for our hair. Not only in the form of masks but also consuming it. In addition, this food has vitamins B group, which will control this problem. So it is always advised to take an egg as usual. You can take a couple of eggs cooked with tuna or, in some salad, where spinach or broccoli are present, to continue with our basic nutrition for the hair.

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The oats

Oatmeal also has B vitamins. But in addition to them, we will leave a significant amount of zinc, copper or protein, without forgetting magnesium or phosphorus. As we see, it is an essential compound to add to our diet. That is why we can start our day with a little oatmeal and natural yogurt. Thus the number of proteins, minerals, and vitamins will almost be covered to welcome a new day.Antioxidant foods

Antioxidant foods

Here we can not mention just one name. There are many antioxidant foods that exist and that also have to be among the ideas to take into account how to feed to avoid hair loss. Thanks to this, we will be able to delay the aging of the hair. In addition, they will be able to strengthen it more and for this, we need to integrate foods of the size of nuts or green tea.

The essential folic acid

The folic acid has it in green leafy vegetables. So in the spinach, which we mentioned earlier, they will also be. But you also have to add asparagus, avocado or lettuce. Among fruits, strawberries are one of the great sources of folic acid.perfect nutrition

The perfect nutrition for the health of our hair

As we see, you can not generalize. There are many foods that provide us with what we truly need to take care of our hair. It is best to leave the fat behind and limit the hydrates. Choose fresh products and white meat or fish. The vegetables have to be the main part of our plate, without forgetting the olive oil. A serving of chickpeas, beans or lentils will also complete our menu. With adequate nutrition and external care of the hair, with products adapted to the type of hair, we will be able to reduce its fall noticeably. Because changing certain habits may cost, but in the long run it will only bring us health and, as in this case, beauty.

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