How to dye gray hair with different methods

Gray hair can become really annoying for those who have enough. These white hairs lose their pigmentation and are more noticeable in dark hair. In addition, gray hair is a matter of genetics, so there are people who at twenty already have them and others who with forty continue with a hair with a natural color and without gray hair.

For those who have gray hair, they should know that there are several methods to dye gray hair. We can do it in hairdressers or at home, but the truth is that covering the gray ends up being something that gives work because the hair grows fast and these appear at the roots. We will talk about the available methods, their advantages, and disadvantages.

The usual dye

One of the most common ways to hide gray hair is to use a hair dye. The darker colors that our hair is the best to directly cover the gray hair. If we want blonde hair, we should know that gray hair does not fade, but that it blends with lighter hair to go unnoticed, but at no time will we change its color if we rinse our hair.

The dye can be applied at home or in the hairdressing salon. Doing it at home is much cheaper and today they make things easier for us. We only need latex gloves to avoid staining our hands, petroleum jelly to avoid staining on our foreheads and a brush and container to apply the dye. You have to follow the instructions in the box and leave the indicated time for withdrawal. Later we will only have to make adjustments on the roots to avoid seeing the gray hair.

The dye has the great advantage that covering the gray hair is a matter of a moment. It is a quick solution but in return, we have a product that spoils our hair. In addition, people who have a sensitive scalp may notice irritation in this area due to the chemical components of the dye.

Henna and natural herbs

Another possibility that we have when covering gray hair is to use henna and other herbs such as indigo. These herbs are natural and are applied in the form of a mask, with a texture similar to that of mud. You have to mix it with bottled water and do not use metals to make that mixture. The henna dyes in reddish tones and without a doubt are the one that covers the most. If we want to give a more black color to the hair we can use the indigo. It is better to buy products that are natural and organic in specialized stores. This type of preparation can be left in the hair for several hours because the longer it is applied the more it will pick up the color. We can even sleep with him in the head.

This product has the disadvantage that it mineralizes the hair and after using it the dye and other products will no longer catch us so hard in the hair. It also takes less than the usual dye, so it may take longer to cover the gray hair, and certainly involves more effort because you have to leave it in your hair a long time. As an advantage, it is a product that takes care of and strengthens the hair, giving it more life and more volume. In addition, the hair will be protected against UVA rays.

Corrector spray and temporary options

In the market have appeared a few options that can be good when we want to cover the incipient gray hair quickly and for a specific event. It is about corrective sprays, although there are other methods available, from powders to stick bars to cover gray hair. All these methods have the advantage of being something quick and that does not spoil the hair. Its great disadvantage is that they last as long as it takes to wash our hair, so they are temporary.

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