How to disguise gray hair

There are many times we think about how to disguise gray hair. It is one of those torments that are always very present. Gray hair can come out at any age. Although we do not believe it, as genetic factors have a lot to do with it, every time we discover them at a very early age.

So, it is a good reason to learn certain tricks or remedies. In this way, we will know how to disguise gray hair can be easier than we think. Yes, as long as there are only some fine strands of them because when the hair loses its pigmentation almost completely, only the dye will be our savior. Discover it!

How to disguise gray hair in dark hair

Dark hair is a good canvas for gray hair. They are noticeable and quite, although they are only a few. So, if you are alert and you see how they are coming out, it is time to include a perfect remedy to stop seeing them. You can make an infusion of rosemary. For this, you need half a liter of water and about four tablespoons of rosemary. When you have it and it has cooled a bit, you can spray it all over the hair. A spray bottle will be your best help. You can use it on a daily basis until you see that the white hair disappears.Chamomile

Chamomile for light hair

Surely you’ve always heard how chamomile was perfect for light hair. Yes, you are right, although in this case, it comes with another company. You need to make a new infusion in which you will mix both chamomile and turmeric. Again, you will opt for four tablespoons of chamomile in half a liter of water and two of turmeric. Although in this case, you will apply it as a rinse.

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Magnolia tea

Maybe it’s not one of the teas you have at home, but it’s well worth it. If we talk about how to disguise gray hair, it will help you a lot. Although it is a perfect remedy to alleviate several pains of our body, in this case, it will also be for hair. Of course, here you will only need a large glass of water and a spoonful of that tea. You will make the infusion and when it is warm you will throw it all over the hair, also as a rinse.Henna

Henna and lemon juice

As we also know, henna is a product that also gives a certain color to the hair. It is not as permanent as a dye but it will change the tonality we have in our hair. In this case, we need three tablespoons of henna powder and one of lemon juice. We will mix it until making a paste. We will apply it and cover it with a plastic cap. Let it sit and then wash your hair as usual.

Pencils cover-gray

When you only have a pair of gray hairs, you do not have to give them many more laps. That is why you do not want to use dyes or wicks, nor do home remedies, there are always more options. These are the so-called pencil-covers. A perfect solution to paint exactly in the area where we have gray hair. It is something quick and easy to do, without having to wash all the hair as in the previous options. Of course, once the water touches your hair the pencil will go quickly.Pencils cover-gray

Wicks or reflections

Although it is not about those home remedies or tricks that we have been discussing, it is true that the wicks or reflections are another of the best options for a hair with gray hair. The dyes will completely cover the hair but if you do not want to opt for them, the reflections will always give you that light that will make that gray hair disappear. Also, it’s not like the dye you have to touch up every month. Surely with these ideas, you will say goodbye forever to white hair.

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