How to discolor facial hair

On many occasions, we realize that we have a bit of facial hair, something that is common in many people. That is why we should look for some solutions, and among them, we can see how to discolor facial hair. Discoloring this hair is one of the simplest solutions we have since you do not have to pull that hair.

The solution to discolor facial hair is suitable for many people because in women it is usual to have some fine hair on the face, both in the chin area with the upper lip. In this way, we can easily disguise this hair without going through any painful process.

Why choose the discoloration

The discoloration is a very simple process that anyone can do at home. One of the great advantages of this system is that it is easy to do and available to everyone. But it has more advantages since it is also a way to disguise the facial hair without having to resort to hair removal, which in most cases is painful. The skin of the face is much more delicate, so certain waxing methods such as wax can sometimes be very aggressive for her, causing redness. With the discoloration, we will not have this problem and we will be able to hide the hair for a long time. Undoubtedly this is a highly recommended method for those with fine facial hair.

Rinse facial hair with hydrogen peroxide

The hydrogen peroxide is one of the most used ways to lighten facial hair. We only have to wash our face well to remove makeup or dirt we have. Once dry, we should apply on the face, in those areas with hair, a little oxygenated water with cotton soaked in it. You have to let act and repeat several times on different days. If you notice that oxygenated water stings your face, rinse quickly with water.

To apply this treatment we must have the face in perfect condition. That is to say, not to have redness, irritations or wounds, because with the oxygenated water could a lot the face and aggravate the problem. In addition, the following days we should always apply high sun protection on the face to prevent stains from getting on the skin.

Buy a decolorization kit

In the market, there are bleaching kits that are very effective. If with some home remedies it took several days to get the hair discolored, with these kits it becomes discolored at the moment. We must follow the instructions of use step by step to avoid problems. In most cases, the kit also has hydrogen peroxide, but it also has other components. It is usually applied during a set time that we should not exceed.

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Use water with lemondiscolor facial hair

This is a simple home remedy that can be less aggressive than oxygenated water or the bleaching kit. Insensitive skin, it is quite complicated to use this type of methods, and that is why ideas such as this are recommended, more natural. You can use the juice of a lemon with half a glass of water and use that mixture in a vaporizer to put it on your face. With the lemon, we should also be careful when exposing ourselves to the sun, as white spots may appear on the skin. We should always wash the face before leaving.

Chamomile infusionChamomile infusion

This is another recommended method for the most sensitive skin since chamomile is very respectful with the skin. The chamomile has always been used as a remedy to offer blonder hair tone, so it can also be used in facial hair. You must soak the infusion in cotton and apply it to the face. If you put it in the sun, the hair will turn blond faster.

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