How to curl the hair with the iron

Although it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to change the look, we do not always get it. Curling the hair with the iron is adding light waves to our hair. Undoubtedly, you can do it in a matter of minutes, but to do so, you need to follow some basic tips.

Only in that way, you will get the result you want so much. If the first one does not work out, try one more time. Because curling the hair with the iron needs only that you catch the trick. Something that really is simple but that can give us more than a headache. Until today, because from now on you will do it with your eyes closed.

Prepare the hair for the iron

It is not that I need preparation too intense, but it is also worth remembering some simple steps. The hair always has to be totally dry. If you have just washed, check that the part of the roots and the interior is not dampened. Because in this case, it would be more sensitive to the heat of the iron, which could be damaged. Although the truth is that it is not advised to undulate the hair if you have just washed it. It will be much better the next day.iron

On the other hand, we should always protect it with a thermal protector. We will not tire of repeating it, but it is very necessary. If we want to change our look but continue to maintain an enviable mane, we must take care of it to the fullest. For this, we will have a protector on hand, which we will apply before passing the iron. Once applied, let dry a few seconds and ready. Comb your hair well, to avoid pulling and you can start curling your hair with the iron.

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How to curl the hair with the iron

It cannot be simpler and faster! But as we said at the beginning, it does not always come out. We must take fine strands. We separate them with one hand and with the other, we will pass the iron. To do this, we start by taking the lock from above, turn the wrist slightly outwards and slowly go down through the hair.

What is very easy? Well, if in your hair it is not so much; do not despair, because you still have more strands to keep practicing. Remember that you must not pass the iron from the same root, but a little lower. Because it can become weak and because that way, you will have a more intense and marked curl. If it is what you want, as a result, go ahead, if you prefer some waves then follow the video step.

Waves marked with plates in long hair

If you have long hair and above you want some more marked waves, then we leave you with another tutorial. Not that it differs much from the previous one, although it does in the result. In this case, the iron is placed vertically and instead of turning it slightly, it is given a complete turn. In this way and with this simple gesture, the wave will be much more marked.

Once we have the strand imprisoned by the plates, we must go down little by little. Both in this case and in the previous one, we must do it slowly. Because if we descend fast, the wave will be undone. Nor do you need to stop too much. Because maybe, we could get to burn the hair. The middle terms are always the best option in beauty and also in our life. Once you have all the hair, you can simply give shape to your waves with the help of your hands and apply a little lacquer to fix or a serum. Now it only remains to put on your best look, wear some accessories and not forget your smile to go out and succeed.

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