How to curl hair with braids

curl hair with braids is a perfect way to get beautiful waves, without punishing hair. In this way, we can make numerous hairstyles, or leave hair loose to show off our most natural waves. Do you want to get curly hair in a short time?

Well then, do not miss all the ways you can curl your hair with braids. So you can choose the one that best goes with you, according to the type of waves you want.

If you already have the hair slightly wavy or smooth, you will see how you get more than amazing results.

Curl hair with braids to get loose waves

If you want to give some volume to your hair, you can create loose waves. But no, we are not going to need a lot of time with the iron, but as we have said, we will always do it more naturally. For this, we start preparing our hair. We wash and dry a little with the dryer.

Not too much, since it has to be something wet. When it has dried almost 75%, then it will be time to comb it well.braids

You can apply a little foam to get a better result. The next step is to pull the hair to one side and pick it up in a basic, three-strand braid. It is not necessary that the hair is very tight. Hold the hair with a rubber band and put on a hat.

You must sleep with the side braid and the next morning, you will undo it carefully, giving it shape. Thus, you will have some waves of the softest but that will change your look.

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Some sharp ringlets

The ringlets can also be achieved thanks to the braids. Although in this case, it is not a braid itself. First, you must comb the line in the middle. So you will have two hair deals. You will start with one of them, where you will hold strands, twist them around themselves and fasten the ends with a rubber band.

You will do the same with the other side. Then, with each part, we will make a bow. We put a hat and also, we must sleep with both bows in the hair. In the morning, we will see how the ringlets will be the protagonists.braids

Tips to consider

The best thing to do some steps like the ones we have mentioned is to have long hair. In this way, the braids will be better and as such, we will have a better result.

Also, if your hair is dry we should apply a little oil. First, we will throw it at the fingertips and then, we will go through all the hair. Emphasizing the part of means and tips.

In this way, at the time of making the braid, we will not be left loose. Also, remember that a looser braid will result in softer undulations. If you twist the hair on itself, the waves will be more marked, also getting some ringlets.

When you remove the braids, try not to pull too much hair. We do not want them to fall apart before time! If you have thin hair you will know what I am talking about, because curls may not stay too long.

So, it’s a good time to apply some lacquer. We will tuck to strand. Because even if it takes more time, the result will also be more spectacular. We will have to lift the strand slightly and apply lacquer on the root. Avoid touching the hair too much throughout the day.

Surely so, you can enjoy that change of look longer and of course, always taking care of the hair since we have not exposed to the heat of the plates. Although it is not a quick method, it is one of those we can trust.

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