How to clean the hairbrush

The vast majority of the time we focus on brushing or combing hair. But not always in the hairbrush and in its cleaning. Well, it is also another point to consider if we want to enjoy an amazing result. So, today we will take the big step of doing a good cleaning.

Like other utensils, the hairbrush also usually gets dirty and quite. So you have to clean them regularly. But if you do not do it that way, there is also a solution to be able to completely eliminate the dirt. Because you may not see it, but you get to accumulate more than you think.

How to clean the hairbrush in a basic way

First of all, we must get rid of those hairs that are left entangled in him. We can remove them with your fingers, but without exerting too much pressure on the brush. If you see that you resist and that form a kind of base, then you can help with a toothpick or orange, we use for nails.hairbrush

Once we have it clear of hairs, then we will go to the next point. We must pour warm water into a bowl. You will add a couple of drops of shampoo or soap. You can opt for either or for another similar product but that is not too aggressive. Now with the help of a new toothbrush, we will get it in the soapy water and pass it through the hairbrush. Try to clean it well, unless the brush in question is made of wood, we should avoid wetting the area. When you have it clean, you just have to rinse it with water and under the tap. Let it dry outdoors.

Make a deep cleaning of the hairbrush

We mentioned it before, but if you are not one of those who wash the brush too often, then you need a deeper cleaning. More than anything because he needs us to disinfect him. To do this, you need a large bowl that fits the top of the brushes. If you want to disinfect a comb, then you will put it in the bowl with apple cider vinegar. You can also substitute vinegar for alcohol. One way or another, you’ll let it rest for 12 minutes. Once the time has passed, then we will have to soak it under the tap to remove the vinegar or alcohol.

But if you want to disinfect the hairbrush, then it is best to mix a part of vinegar and the same amount of water. You must enter the top of the brush or head, but not the handle of it. In this case, we will let it rest for 20 minutes and then, we must place it under the tap to eliminate any remainder. Remember that both the brushes with wooden handles and those that are padded are preferable that the water does not touch them too much. To do this, you can clean them with the toothbrush without immersing them in any liquid.

To clean the part of the handle, then it is best to do it with the help of a wet wipe. In this way, we will also eliminate all the germs that tend to accumulate. Because between your hands and you are exposed to all kinds of bacteria, there is nothing like a good cleaning. Only then we make sure that we are in good hands. In this part of the brush, it is always better to avoid cleaning products because they can be somewhat strong for them.

Tricks to clean brushes

As usual tricks and homemade, we find the one that tells us to cover the brush with shaving foam. Of course, again insist that only the top of it. Then, let it stand for half an hour and remove the foam with water. As simple as that! Also, the baking soda with hot water is another of the most effective tricks to say goodbye to the dirt of the hairbrushes.

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