How to clean burned hair

Currently, we subject our hair to many changes and processes. From the dyes, we use the chemical products and especially the heat appliances with which we give the desired shape. This ends up taking its toll on the hair, whose fiber can have greater or lesser resistance. If we use this kind of apparatus a lot at the end the hair ends up burning and we will have to clean it up.

To clean the burnt hair is the last thing we can do when the hair can no longer be repaired in any other way. Prevention is always the best, but in case we have to clean up again, we have some ways of doing it. In short, it is about taking care of the hair so that it is as healthy as possible.

What is to clean the hair?

When we talk about cleaning the hair we usually refer to removing the part that is burned and damaged or with split ends. You have to know how to recognize when the hair no longer has an arrangement and there is no possible repair or with the best products. In these cases, to show off a good mane we talk about cleaning it, which means that we will have to decide where to cut the hair.

Cutting hair

Normally we usually cut the tips every month or every two months so that they are always in good condition. If the hair is burned it may not be enough with the tips, because it will be damaged perhaps on a larger surface, since it is hair that has burned with the appliances and not opens ends. In these cases, it is better to consult with the hairdresser so you can tell us what is best to recover the hair. We always have the possibility to make a big cut and wear short hair, which is also very cool for summer.

Avoid burned hair

To avoid having to make a radical cut, it is best to think first about ways to avoid burned hair. This is even more important if your hair is fine because it will hold less all the treatments and appliances. In general, it is necessary to avoid the discoloration, because it deteriorates much more the hair that the tints of color. In any case, the best alternative for hair is natural dyes such as henna or do not use any dye or discoloration on it.

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On the other hand, one of the things that burn the most hair is the use of the dryer and the irons. There are heat protectors but hair always suffers from this type of apparatus. The best thing for our hair is to let it dry in the air. We can use it in summer to let it air dry and thus avoid damaging it more. And if we are going to use the dryer it is better to do it at a certain distance from the hair so as not to burn it so much, always lowering the temperature. The same goes for the plates, in which we can regulate the temperature and it must be low. It is better to buy quality plates since they are the ones that take care of the hair and always use a heat protector before using them.

Try to recover the hair

Before we clean it and cut the hair we can always recover it or try it. If our hair is not very burned but we notice it drier than normal and not as soft as before, we can always go to the masks. One of the best that can go and is also very economical is coconut oil. It is the oil that does not now hair or scalp, as it is light, and also moisturizes the hair leaving it much softer. It is something that is noticed from the first application.

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