How to choose the hair brush

Hair care goes through treatments and also through the simplest gestures made daily. Although it seems almost unimportant, the truth is that you should choose the hair brush well to avoid damaging our hair. There are different types of hair and that is why there are also different types of hair brushes.

This product is something that we do not usually think about, but that in the long run can help us to have healthier hair. The small gestures that we make daily are really important because they can be a big change for our hair.

The importance of the hair brushbrush

The brush is a key element when it comes to hair care. It is important that we choose natural bristle brushes because they are perfect to shiny hair. The plastic ones do not take care of our hair so much. In addition, you should use a different brush depending on what you want to do. It is not the same to untangle the wet hair from doing it with dry hair or to use the brush to remove residues of products that we use on the hair. In addition, depending on the type of hair we can choose one thing or another since there are more suitable for fine or thick hair and for straight or wavy hair.

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Brushing in the right way is also very important. It must begin to unravel from below, from the tips, then up to the roots. In this way, the hair will break less. Above all, you have to do it if the hair is thin or has a tendency to get tangled up.

Brush for wet hairBrush for wet hair

Wet hair needs extra care because it can break more easily. It is necessary to untangle it carefully and we can also use a rinse-free conditioner that helps us to do it. Detangler brushes are made of plastic and have small tines of various sizes. This brush is wide and helps to easily untangle the hair. It has become a staple for your hair after washing it.Detangler brushes

Another of the combs used in wet hair is the simple barbed. It can be found in plastic or wood, although wood is recommended for taking care of more hair. It should begin to untangle by the ends to avoid rolling the hair.

Brushes for molding and combingmolding

The round brush is a classic and many people use it to mold their hair. It is an ideal brush for fine hair because it adds volume. In addition, it can be found in several sizes. This brush should be purchased in natural boar bristles, which provide shine and do not break the hair, avoiding the metal that damages it much more.round brush

The wide comb with barbs is also well known. This brush is much better for hair that is plentiful and thick. It helps to untangle and also in straightening.

Special hair brushSpecial brushes

The Braun Satin Hair brush features Iontec technology by pressing just one button. It releases an ion flow that allows avoiding the annoying static electricity that many hairs have. In this way, we will avoid damage or the hair will break and we will have to comb it less.

The card comb is a classic. It is widely used in hairdressing salons to separate the hair and comb it. This comb allows you to get a very different hairstyle, with much more volume.Satin Hair brush

The afro comb is made for afro hair. This type of hair is common in African-Americans, although today there are many people who become extreme curly to get that volume. If this is your case, you can use this great brush to untangle without removing the volume from the hair.

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