How to choose hair color

Choosing the hair color that suits us is not always a simple task. Because we tend to get carried away by our tastes and they are not always the ones who favor us the most. Therefore, if you want to know which key will highlight all your features, you should not miss what we bring to you.

Because choosing the hair color is based on our natural hair color, as well as that of our skin and even that of the eyes. The sum of all this will leave us the best solution to find the right color for us. If you still do not know which one is yours, then find out here and now.

Choose the hair color according to the color of the eyes

Now we are going to focus on the color of our eyes to have an idea of what hair color we should choose:

  • Green eyes: If you have green eyes and clear skin, then the best dye color will be the blond ash or the light brown. Because with them, the look will become much more intense, respecting the color of the eyes. But if your skin is not so clear, then you can opt for the basic chestnuts as well as the blondes with reddish strokes.
  • Blue eyes: The blond platinum’s or ash is perfect for people with blue eyes and clear skin. But if your skin is medium, then you can use the golden tones.
  • Brown eyes: The brown colors and chocolates will be perfect for this type of eyes. The coppery blond is another ideal choice.
  • Black eyes: If your eye color is black and your skin is also tanned, then the caramel color or the dark brown is your tones. You can add some wicks to prevent the features from hardening too color

Hair color according to your skin tone

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Another option we have when choosing hair color is, with our skin tone:

  • Clear skins: They are also called cold skins. They are the clearest and it is difficult to tan easily. Within them, there are some sub-groups, but as a rule, we can say that the colors to choose are: Blonde or light chestnut, mahogany if you have clear eyes or wicks where two shades of chestnut are combined. If you have clear eyes, bet on mahogany or golden blondes. One of the most successful is the ‘Bronde’. It is a mixture of blonde and chestnut that has the function of illuminating all the skins.
  • Medium skins: It is not too light, but as the name suggests, not too tanned. Copper shades are always a good idea, like gold. Try not to opt for the clearest blondes.
  • Very tanned skin: Both chestnut and chocolate colors are perfect for this type of skin. But always respecting the color of the eyes so as not to harden our features. Hence, some wicks, just as reflections, is not such a crazy idea.

The dye bets that always succeedskin tone

The truth is that many of us choose those tonalities that always favor and succeed. Without major radical changes, we must say that the chestnut with some nuances is always the protagonist. Because as we have seen, you can give it a darker touch or, a point of illumination for your face. For this, the wicks and reflections will always be at your disposal. The candy touch will always feel better than a blonde too light. Of course, it will also be for tastes, since there we do not get involved. The ‘balayage’ effect wicks are another one that will never go out of style. Now only you have the last word!

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