How to care for hair

Our hair requires daily care and extraordinary care to ensure that it is at its fullest. Having healthy and beautiful hair goes through various care, so we must create a list with them to know which are essential and very necessary.

Avoid dry hair, split ends or a lifeless hair happens to have a series of care, choosing the cosmetic products well. In them, we will have a clear ally to ensure that our hair is in the best conditions. Let’s know what the basic hair care is.

Choose the shampoo well

This seems like a basic idea, but choosing a bad shampoo for your hair can be one of the fundamental mistakes when it comes to taking care of it. While it is true that silicone shampoos help us to see it with much more shine, this is not healthy for our hair. The chosen shampoo should be respectful with the hair and the scalp. It is important to choose a shampoo that is free of parabens and silicones. If possible we can opt for what is natural in their composition, such as those of the firm Lush. One of the most popular today is solid shampoos, which last a lot and are also environmentally friendly.

The chosen shampoo should be suitable for our hair type. We must choose a purifying one if the root is fat, a soft one if we have a sensitive scalp, one for dyed hair if we have dye and there is also for curly hair, for straight hair, without volume and a long etcetera. If your hair meets several requirements try alternating two that take care of the main aspects of your hair.

Moisturizes hairMoisturizes hair

Another of the basic points when it comes to taking care of the hair is to hydrate it, from the root to the tips. If your root is fat, avoid the moisturizing shampoos and apply the products to hydrate at the tips. Some of the best remedies to moisturize hair consist of using natural oils. Jojoba oil or coconut oil is the most recommended to give extreme hair hydration. You should only let them act with a towel on their hair and then wash them regularly. You will notice the change from the first application of these oils.

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Buy the right combright comb

The comb is used daily and may be one of the reasons why our hair breaks. In fragile hair, the most recommended is that which has natural bristles, since it unravels without breaking the hair. If we choose the comb well, we can avoid having split ends or break the hair if it is fragile.

Take care of the scalp

A beautiful hair also happens to have scalp care, since the health of the hair is linked to a healthy scalp. That’s why we should use mild shampoos. If we have problems such as dandruff there are interesting remedies, such as tea tree oil, which helps balance the skin. If your scalp is very oily you can also use remedies such as jojoba oil, which helps to balance the fat in this area.

Cut the hairCut the hair

Each hair has its own growth rate. That is why some people have to cut it more often. However, we should retouch the tips at least every two months to prevent them from breaking and looking damaged. The split ends are common if the hair dries and have a zipper effect, so if they are open they end up breaking the hair in two upwards. That’s why cutting hair is so important.

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