How to care for hair after summer

Yes, we know that we still have much to take advantage of the days of the beach, pool and a lot of suns. But still, it does not hurt that we go thinking about how to take care of the hair after the summer. Because both water and sun exposure will make our hair change and much.

The hair pigments are altered, which will make a lighter shade perch on it. But in addition, we will forget the brightness and we will even notice it drier than usual. Yes, it is the entire legacy that summer offers us. But today we are going to remedy you with these tips and remedies on how to take care of your hair after the summer.

How to take care of the hair from the sun’s rays and from the water of the sea

They are two of the worst allies we have. Although the truth is that little matters to us at the time we are spending luxury. The hangover of that moment leaves us with a harsher and even slightly lighter hair. The sun’s rays are those that are responsible for destroying the pigments of the hair, as well as the keratin of it. Hence, in this case, it must be nourished very well before and after the exhibition. You will help yourself to conditioners and moisturizing masks. Also, we can not forget to cover our heads whenever we can. Either with a hat, hat or handkerchiefs.water-hair

When we talk about sea water, there is a bit of contradiction. Because for people who have rather oily hair, seawater can improve their appearance. This is due to the iodine it contains. It can leave you up to a slight volume, whereas if you have dry hair, then it will not help you at all. Hence, you also have to take care of it a lot. You can apply a mask and wet hair if you go to the beach. Work backward and avoid elastic hairpins or rubber bands. Since cloth is always better. Get out of the water, clear up with fresh water. Of course, there are also sunscreens for hair that you should keep in mind.after summer

Homemade recipes to take care of hair after summer

Olive oil and honey: Two great allies, natural and of course, very moisturizing. We need to lightly warm glass of honey. You have to get a slightly liquid texture. At that time, we will mix it with another glass of olive oil. You will have to apply the mixture on damp hair and let it rest for 30 minutes. Then, we will wash as usual.

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Conditioner with beer: Yes, because beer also has very beneficial properties for your hair. So, it has to be between these recipes. You can apply a glass of this drink in the last rinse, leave a few minutes and rinse again.

Aloe vera: We can never forget this plant. Because of course, it has great properties. Both for the skin and for the hair. So, the latter will benefit from it as it will regenerate after the summer. You need to apply the gel of aloe vera on the hair, it will rest about 25 minutes and you will eliminate with water.after summer

Beyond these home remedies, we should not forget other basic tips. Caring for hair after the summer can also be done with the help of a good cut. This will help our hair to strengthen. It does not have to be a radical haircut; it will simply be enough to clean it up. Following the care, nothing like choosing specific shampoos and creams of the same type. Forget about rubbing the hair with the towel and opt for clothes or pieces of cotton cloth. This will make care more. May you never forget the masks or the conditioners? Yes, leave the dryers and irons aside, at least, during these months.

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