How to care for curly hair

Care for curly hair does not have to be complicated. It is true that we must study each step because it is a type of hair that needs a lot of attention.

Maybe because if we neglect a little and do not hydrate enough, then the frizz will appear in our lives without warning.

It is true that sometimes, it does not depend on us but on other inclemencies such as humidity, hair accessories, and other factors, they can also influence.

So, we must always take precautions and carry out all these tips that we leave you. You’ll see how you’ll have perfect curls!

Caring for curly hair with washing

Only with washing the hair will we be taking care of it. Well, maybe it’s time to qualify this idea. It involves using a small amount of shampoo

. That yes, that it is a shampoo adapted to our hair type. After washing, the conditioner time comes. It will always be a very important part.

At the same time, it will favor the hairstyle. Once or twice a week, apply a moisturizing mask to help us care for curly hair.

Dry your hair with a shirt

We are going to forget the towels. More than anything because we tend to rub the hair when we should not. In this way, we will only get more frizzes.

So, what we have to do is dry it with the help of a shirt or cotton cloth. You can tighten your hair but do not twist it.

Anti-frizz cream

It is a perfect way to seal the cuticles. In spite of correctly taking all the steps, it does not hurt to apply a cream intended to avoid frizz or frizz.

It is not necessary to use much, since a small amount, spread all over the hair, will be enough. You can buy very different brands since all of them will have a great effect.

Define your curls with a diffuser

Although it is true that we must avoid the heat of the dryers, we must also bear in mind that in order to define the curls, we need the diffuser.

It’s a quick way to get it. For this, we will place the head face down, apply a little foam, and choose to dry the hair with the diffuser.

You can start by taking certain strands and place the diffuser from the root to the tips. Try that the temperature is not high.

Hairstyling products

It is true that there are many products that we have for hair. From gels to foams and other creams. But we must also note that some of them contain alcohol.

So, the best thing is to avoid it or, to try that the amount that we use is minimal. Why? Because to take care of curly hair we need hydration and this type of product will do the opposite, they will dry it more.

For very thick curls

There is also a perfect option for those curls that are somewhat denser. For them, we can not forget to apply the conditioner, as we have said.

Then, a little oil on the tips or cream. Only then, we can give more life to our curls so that they look more natural and defined.

For the night routine

Silk sheets are always a good option so that the hair can slide to your liking. Of course, if we do not have that option, we should not despair.

Because there is always a remedy for our hair. Instead of sheets, get a silk handkerchief. You will place it in the area of the roots and tie it to the neck part.

Thus, we will achieve that the curls do not get to crush and are always perfect every morning. What routines do you follow each day to give more life to your curly hair?

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