How to avoid split ends and damaged hair

We spend the day using rubber bands, accessories and heat tools or products to be able to wear the hair as we wish. Smooth, with waves, curly and the tone that we like the most. The problem in all this is that the hair ends up spoiling, and when we realize we will be before some broken and broken ends that will have to be cut without remedy.

There are some ways to start taking care of the hair avoiding that breakage of tips and dryness. Beautiful hair does not have broken ends, so once we have cut the wrong ones it will be time to start taking care of them. Follow these guidelines and they will be preserved without opening for longer.

Always hydrate the tipshydrate the tips

The tips should always be hydrated since the dryness in the hair leads to it breaking more easily. The tips are further away from the scalp, which greases the rest of the hair, so the tips are always what dry before. It is in them where it is necessary to use products that serve to hydrate them in depth. In the market, we can find all kinds of ideas. From nourishing hair creams to masks, protective oils or natural oils such as coconut, which leaves hair soft and without a greasy sensation.

Use heat shieldsheat shields

The heat ends up drying the hair in depth, and we usually dry it with a hairdryer or ironing boards. In addition to leaving these devices for special occasions and let the hair air dry, what we can do is use heat shields. They are products that protect the ends and the hair when we use the plates, with which heat is applied directly.

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Use sunscreen in summer

During the summer the hair breaks down with the sun. As it affects our skin, in the same way, it can burn our hair, that’s why we notice it, much drier during the summer. Currently, there are sunscreens also for hair and we should use them when we expose it in excess. Wearing hats is also a good idea to prevent it from spoiling.

Natural products for hair

When buying products for our hair it is better to opt for those that are natural. Nowadays we already know that the silicones and parabens that contained the products damage the hair and spoil it in the long term, so if we want the tips to stay well longer we should buy the most natural products possible. Read the labels and look for them to be free of sulfates, silicones, and parabens. These are the most beneficial for your hair.

Avoid colorationscolorations

The use of many dyes and discolorations is one of the things that most spoil the hair. This added to the fact that at the tips we always receive less hydration they cause the hair to break and the ends to open. If possible, avoid this type of products and decide to take your natural tone, since the hair is grateful, especially if it is not of good quality. If you still want to use something to dye your hair choose natural products such as henna or less harmful dyes.

Care for hair accessories

At the time of choosing hair accessories, you have to be careful because there are things that break it and spoil it. Very tight rubber or metal parts can break the hair, and also the buckles. It is better to choose soft, cloth gums, that do not damage the hair and accessories that do not break it.

Choose the right comb

The comb is also an important part when it comes to maintaining hair without breaking and healthy ends. You have to choose a soft comb, with natural bristles, since they care more about the hair, and take special care when untangling it, starting from the bottom upwards little by little.

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