How to avoid hair loss due to stress

One of the reasons why we tend to fall hair is because of all those tensions that we accumulate. Although at first, we did not notice it, it is true that in the long run, it will leave us numerous symptoms. So today we will take care of avoiding hair loss due to stress.

Because stress can lead us to change our emotional state, our habits and routines. Come on, that little by little will take over our life. The hair also notices it and for that reason, it weakens until falling down in a quite generalized way. Discover how you can stop this process!

Symptoms of hair loss due to stress

Surely it is no longer necessary to list the symptoms of stress because we all noticed it. When there are many tensions that we have in our life, as well as worries, they have to accumulate. That is why it is always necessary to try to give us one day a week to be able to process everything and relax. Of course, it’s easier to say than to do it. When our hair falls out due to stress, we will notice it in a general way. So do not be scared if you see how your hair no longer has the thickness of yesteryear.due to stress

Being more nervous, the hair also notices it. It becomes more sensitive and will be more weakened. But being something punctual will return to clean up as soon as the process passes. The usual thing is that the hair returns to its previous condition. If not, then we will have to go to the doctor to tell us what the best treatment to follow is.

Avoid hair loss by stress with meditation

If there is a discipline that is perfect to be able to say goodbye to stress, it is meditation. Everyone who tries it claims to have great benefits. Without a doubt, it is ideal because it relaxes us. In what way? combining the slower breathing with concentration. A way to pause everything that keeps us activated during the loss

Physical exercise

In general, physical exercise is the one in charge of staying healthy. Not only physically, but also emotionally. Exercise helps the body and the mind. That is why many people instead of meditation, yoga or pilates, opt for more intense disciplines. They help them release all the tensions of the day. That is why the important thing is to start with a routine of this type. Only you can choose the one that best suits you for your particular case.

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A balanced diet

If it is already good for our body, in this case, it will also be perfect to avoid hair loss due to stress. We know that we need proteins but also vitamins and minerals. Only in this way, the body will perform its good function and the hair will also make it noticeable. Forget about a season of both fatty and very sugary foods. Increase a little more vitamin B and do not do drastic diets because they are not good at all either. You just have to eat in a balanced way and limit certain products that have no nutritional contribution.balanced diet

Sleep the necessary hours

Another of the basic points to consider is the rest. We need it and it is also that it will help us reduce stress. Try to sleep about 8 hours and before going to bed do not be in front of the computer or with the phone in hand. Read a book or take a hot bath and you will notice the difference.


If we already see it fragile in itself, we can not punish it with products that damage it or with irons or dryers. Comb with a brush with wire bristles. Always choose a nutritious shampoo and once a week, a good mask. Try not to make hairstyles that are too tight, remember that those with disheveled and loose effect always succeed. Give yourself a massage with aloe vera gel or some almond or coconut oil.

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