How to avoid dandruff

Although it can appear for several different reasons, it is true that we can also avoid dandruff. Of course, for this, we must analyze the possible reason why we have it. Sometimes it can be due to stress or maybe even certain shampoos. If so, all this has a solution.

We can say that dandruff is the dead cells of the scalp. Sometimes we alter the behavior of the same, for those causes as varied as mentioned, and all this causes dandruff to make its appearance. But today we leave you with the best tips to avoid dandruff. You are ready?

How to avoid dandruff by paying attention to the scalp

It must be said that we all have certain microorganisms in our scalp. It is something of the most natural since it will be he who gives the fat or the tallow to the hair. But sometimes, there are some external factors that are altering the process. Hence, dandruff appears in a more forceful way. So, first of all, we have to pay special attention to the scalp.

On the one hand, nothing likes washing our hair with more awareness. This is, giving a gentle massage all over the scalp. A basic area but that does not always seem to be the protagonist of our washing. So, in this way, we are going to activate the blood circulation. Only in this way will we be controlling the micro-organism or fungus that we all have.cold water

Wash the hair with cold water

Not everyone can stand cold water. But it is true, that is advised and a lot. But, just the last wash with her. You can wash with lukewarm water but finally, spend a little cold water to finish. On the one hand it will give you more shine and on the other hand, you will activate the blood from the scalp, which will keep us keeping the fungus of this part at bay and as such, dandruff.

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More natural shampoos

Sometimes it’s the shampoos that also cause the appearance of dandruff. Maybe because its ingredients are a little stronger for our skin. Hence, before facing the problem, it is best to avoid it. When it comes to buying a shampoo it is always better to buy all those that are more natural. Some components such as chrysalis extracts are perfect for taking care of and repairing hair. Among the most natural shampoos, it is best to try them, as not all can be so suitable for our skin. So, we’ll only know when we’ve tried it.Brush the hair

Brush the hair

Something as natural as brushing the hair can make it the best gesture to avoid dandruff. Another way to stimulate the scalp is this. The best thing is to brush every day and in a concrete way. To begin, you will throw your head down and go brushing strand by strand. In this way, the hair will be aerated, which causes all the sebum to be distributed equally. Then you can brush back, always in a very soft way.

Healthy life habits

There are many things we can avoid having healthy lifestyle habits. Because everything begins with what we eat. So, in this case, it would not be less. Opt for a balanced diet. Try to make healthy living a priority. The fatty and acidic products will be perfect for fungi to settle in our head. So, we have to leave them behind. Of course, do not go with citrus, which in this case will not help. But the vegetables that provide us with numerous vitamins and minerals will do so. Eliminates habits such as smoking and reduces coffee consumption. Surely little by little, following all these tips, you will notice a great improvement in your problem.

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