How to apply henna on hair

If you are looking for a natural alternative to the typical hair dyes, then we suggest you try the henna. However, you must know how to apply henna and also the advantages and disadvantages of using this natural product. There are those who have already switched to henna and we know that natural cosmetics have more and more followers so discover the details about this product.

Henna comes from the leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis bush and is normally used as a tablet or powder to make the preparation. It is easy to find it in herbalists but also in natural cosmetics online stores.

Natural Henna, advantages and disadvantageshenna

Henna is a totally natural product and therefore has no adverse effects as it can happen with chemical dyes. The advantages that can bring us are many since it takes care of the hair and softens it. It shows that the hair has more volume, so it is perfect for fine or weak hair. In addition, it strengthens all the hair and also the scalp, helping to slow hair loss and improve its growth. It takes care of the scalp avoiding dandruff because it fights the fungi and the dryness. It also protects against the sun and environmental factors that can damage the hair.

Although there are certainly many advantages that henna can bring us, we must also know some of its disadvantages. On the one hand, it is a product that once you start using it you can not go back to the dyes, because you can spoil the hair or simply not achieve the desired color, because create a protective film on the hair. On the other hand, its application is more cumbersome than with normal dyes, since you have to have it for hours in the hair to take the tone well. Another disadvantage is that it is more difficult to achieve a proper tone and the henna itself is red, but today there are other herbs with which you can get natural dyes for black or blonde tone. However, the coverage will never be as complete as with the dyes.

How to make hennahenna

Henna usually has instructions but if you do not bring them you have to know that we must mix the ingredients with any material that is not metal since the metal removes the properties of henna. It is mixed with infusions or with bottled water until a paste of consistency is obtained, neither too liquid nor too thick, ideal for spreading it on the hair and not dripping. That is why it is better to add the mixture little by little. It should be left covered with a plastic to be used a few hours later.

How to apply hennahenna

When the henna is ready to apply, we should throw it as we would with a dye, trying to cover the best possible hair. As it is necessary to leave it several hours, it is better to cover the hair with plastic and on it with a towel. Some people can even get to sleep with it on because that way they spend more hours.

After the henna

Removing the henna is simple since it is done with water. But the trick to not drag it once put is not to use shampoos. The hair is equally clean. Do not wash in the next two days so that the henna fixes better. This henna can be applied more often than dyes, since it does not cause damage to the hair, but quite the opposite. We will see how the hair is stronger, with more volume and softer.

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