How often you have to wash your hair

How often do you have to wash your hair? It may be a simple question to answer, but it is not like that. It is one of those questions a bit cheating because it will not always be the same answers that we get. It is true that each person has a kind of routine about their hair.

But today we wanted to collect ideas from experts as well as famous ones. In this way, we can reach a conclusion faster than we think. A conclusion that will tell us how often you have to wash your hair. Does it coincide with the times you wash it a week?

How often you have to wash your hair

It is true that as a rule, we can say that the time or the frequency of the washing will depend on the type of hair. It is not the same a greasy hair, which is a day will look as if we had not washed it in weeks, that one day. But not only that counts, but also the thickness of it, if it has some kind of treatment and even influences the products that we throw. Because other opinions agree that if you have opted for a good shampoo that meets the needs of your hair in particular. So it seems that it is not so much the frequency that matters, but the products that we use for washing.Frequency-of-washing-of-hair

The frequency of a hair wash

Experts agree that washing your hair every day is not advisable. More than anything because it can damage your PH, as well as irritate the scalp area. It is said that a couple of days is the perfect time to wait to wash our hair again. Especially when we talk about oily hair. Because if we have dry hair, then we can even wait another day, three days, to wash it. It is true that these data are general because then they will depend on our weekly activity. If you have the need to wash your hair, you can opt for dry shampoos, as a special option. So experts say that three times a week will be the perfect frequency of washing. Of course, we should not leave it for more than five days without washing. Surely it does not occur to anyone, but just in case.Every-how-to-wash-hair

How often do celebrities wash their hair?

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston wash their hair every two or three days. Of course, he uses serum almost daily. Adriana Lima suggests that if you have too dry hair, just wash it once a week. Kim Kardashian seems to also have quite spaced hair washes. Because although it is ironed and worn with different hairstyles, it usually takes between 4 and 5 days to put it under the shower. Other celebrities often wet their hair and add conditioner, but do not wash it with shampoo frequently. Or, was it only with water and doing a light massage on the scalp.Hair-in-celebrity wash

Jessica Simpson also believes that if you wash your hair very often you will be saying goodbye to your natural oils. Something that without a doubt is not a good option. Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid is also one of the famous women who choose to leave a couple of days between washing and washing. Elle Fanning is one of those who believe that it is best once a week. No more any less! Selena Gomez washes her hair every three days, but in this case, she does opt for the shampoo although she does not usually use the conditioner. Finally, it must be said that Amanda Seyfried also opts for three days and uses dry shampoo among them.

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