Homemade hair masks that work

When we want to improve the appearance of our hair, we can resort to certain tricks or remedies. What better time to get hold of homemade masks. Because they have natural ingredients and because they are simple to make and with great results.

Hence, today we have made a compilation of all homemade masks that really work. You will see how with the necessary contributions your hair is the same as always. With more shine, smoothness and always perfect. Do we get down to work?

Homemade masks with egg and oiloil

We know that there are many basic ingredients we have for our beauty. Two of them, are the egg as well as the oil. Because when we join them, we will get proteins and vitamins that are perfect for our hair. So, in the vast majority of treatments, they always have to be present. A way to moisturize and obtain a very special result in our hair. To do this, we will have to mix two egg yolks with two tablespoons of olive oil and a glass of water. You will pour this mixture into a jar and apply it to dry hair and focusing on the scalp. Let stand about 20 minutes and then, wash as usual.

Avocado for hair

Whenever we want to see our hair with a little more shine and hydration, nothing like avocado. Yes, it is true that oils are also basic, but without a doubt, the avocado will do much more. This is for all the vitamins and minerals it shows us. Therefore, when combined with the previous ones, we will still enhance the result. So, we are not going to wait any longer and in this case, we need to mix two tablespoons of coconut oil with avocado. But in this case, we must heat the oil a little, without it burning. Then, we will spread the mask all over the hair. Let stand 15 minutes and take. You will see as if you have dry and damaged hair, you can recover it again.Avocado

Mask with mayonnaise

We know that mayonnaise is made up of oil, as well as egg and lemon juice. So knowing this combination, we will also know that it is perfect for smoother and hydrated hair. If you have dyed hair it will be perfect for you. Of course, in this case, we must apply the mayonnaise of means to ends. We’ll leave it for about 50 minutes and then, we’ll clear up. To be able to see its effects, remember to apply it once a week.

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Almond and coconut oil

Two oils and the same purpose. Without a doubt, another of the compositions that will allow us to enjoy more hydrated hair. So for this, we must mix three tablespoons of coconut oil and three tablespoons of almond oil. We will do a light massage all over the scalp. The best thing is to let it rest for as long as possible, that is, you can apply it at night and sleep with a hat to wash your hair in the morning. But if you do not have that time, you can always reduce that time, because the result will be perfect.

Yogurt mask

With a natural yogurt, two eggs and the juice of a lemon, we will have a new mask. One that will bring us all the great benefits of each of these ingredients. Now it only remains to apply it and wait for it to rest for a few minutes. Then, you will wash your hair and you will see how its effects are already noticeable. As it usually happens in these cases, it is always better to have a little patience and insist, since this way, the results will be seen sooner than expected. Homemade hair masks are always basic before resorting to other, more expensive remedies. For which of them are you going to start?

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