Home remedies to untangle hair

Untangling hair is not always one of the simplest tasks. But it is essential for it to look impeccable. So, if every time you have to comb your hair you see a challenge in it, we offer you perfect solutions. It is about some home remedies to untangle the hair.

It is inevitable that those knots are forming in the hair. Above all, at the bottom. So for those who have curly hair and quite strong, we have to deal with this problem every day.

But starting today, you’ll see things differently. We will put an end to this torture!

Untangle the hair with homemade lotions

There are many lotions or sprays that we can buy in the market and that will help us when combing. But if you do not have any of them at hand, you can always make yours at home.

For this, you will only need half a glass of water to which you will throw a spoonful of your usual conditioner.

Stir well and then add a couple of drops of olive oil. You will have your lotion ready to untangle your hair! The best thing to do is pour this mixture into a jar with spray. It will be much easier when using it.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Although the vast majority of oils will also help us in this process, today we are left with coconut oil. Perhaps because it is perfect for split ends as well as for drier hair.

At the same time that it helps us to untangle it, it will also be taking care of it. To apply it, you can take a little when the hair is wet and comb with a wide-combed comb.

If you have forgotten, at that moment, you only have to throw a small amount on the fingertips and with them, apply it on the part of the tips.

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Apple vinegar

If we are looking for a most effective remedy, then we will find it in apple cider vinegar. In this case, we will do the same as the first remedy we have discussed.

We have to mix a spoonful of the vinegar in a glass of water. Then we will put it in a spray bottle and apply it when the hair is still wet.


Avocado to untangle

In this case, we will untangle the hair but at the same time, give it maximum hydration. In what way? because we need the pulp of an avocado.

We will make a puree, with the help of a fork, and mix it with a little olive oil. Only with a spoonful of oil will it serve.

We will apply it on wet hair and let it rest for half an hour. Then, we will wash as usual.

Aloe vera with glycerin

Undoubtedly, aloe vera also had to be among our natural remedies. He is always at our side to offer us the best solutions. So, in this case, we need a spoonful of aloe vera and two drops of glycerin.

We will mix both ingredients with a glass of water and put them in a spray bottle.

Now you only have to apply it when the hair is wet and you will see how you will comb it in a much simpler way.

Aloe vera

How to untangle hair easily

In addition to these ingredients and home remedies, it does not hurt to follow some indications.

Remember that we should always start combing in the area of the tips. It is best to opt for wide-barbed combs.

Try not to comb your hair when it is wet. First, dry it a little and when it is wet, then you can comb without problems.

Since in this way you will not damage it so much in the process.

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