Home remedies to lighten hair naturally

If you like that your hair has a lighter shade, either because you have a nice chestnut or blond ash that tends to darken, you can avoid the bleaches and add to the tendency to use home remedies to lighten the hair naturally.

There are many ingredients that can be used to lighten hair, which can also help us take care of our hair. Keep in mind that discoloration is a process that quite spoils the hair cuticle, so it is something to avoid, especially if your hair is thin and brittle.

Brighten the hair with chamomilechamomile

This is one of the simplest natural remedies that can be used to lighten a hair with a light chestnut or ash blond base. Chamomile manages to give some reflections, especially during the summer, when we dry our hair in the sun. All we have to do is be constant. With a saucepan of water to boil, we must add bags of chamomile to make a great infusion. We let it cool a bit and while we shower. The last rinse we will do with this chamomile. Another trick we can use is to fill a spray bottle with this chamomile to wet the hair when we are on the beach.

Rinse hair with honey and vinegarvinegar

Honey is an ingredient that lightens the hair by hydrogen peroxide, without the need to expose it to the sun. In this sense, it is much better than chamomile for hair that needs hydration or that are somewhat damaged, since it is also moisturizing and helps to moisturize the hair. The vinegar will provide shine and seal the cuticle at the same time. This remedy only has as a disadvantage that it is a little more cumbersome than chamomile. You should make a mask with honey and a tablespoon of vinegar and apply it to the hair. Cover it with plastic and a towel and let it act. Then wash it as always. You should do a few times to notice the change in the hair.

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Rinse hair with lemonlemon

Lemon is another ingredient that has always been used to lighten, both the hair and the skin. In the hair we must take into account that it is astringent, so it can also help the oily hair. You should mix the lemon juice with a glass of water to reduce it since pure can be a little strong for the skin. It is applied to the hair and dried in the air. In this sense, it is a remedy as simple and comfortable as that of chamomile, although we must bear in mind that it can dry out the hair a little.

Rinse hair with rhubarbrhubarb

The rhubarb is not as well known, but today we can find it in the herbalists in the form of infusion or even powder, to make a mask. This plant has great properties to lighten the hair, so much so that it is used even mixed with some hennas to give a blonde hair tone. You can use the infusion in the same way as chamomile. If you opt for the powders, you must mix them with bottled water in a plastic bowl, avoiding the metal, until making a paste that looks like clay. This is applied to the hair and left to act for half an hour, wrapped in plastic and a towel to give it warmth. It is removed with a shower.

Brighten hair with cassiacassia

Cassia is another herb that clarifies and cares for hair, so we can choose to make a mask with it, as with rhubarb, as this plant is usually sold in powder to make mud-type masks. It is applied to the hair and you do not need to use shampoo since the scalp is clean.

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