Hairstyles with braids for long hair

We present a series of hairstyles with braids for long hair. Because undoubtedly, when we have an event and want to impress with our hair, this type of hairstyles will always be suitable. They do not go out of fashion and can be combined with all kinds of braids and styles.

They are more than perfect qualities to be able to give them an opportunity. So hairstyles with braids are always a safe bet. Do not think twice! The best thing is always to play it safe and thanks to all these ideas, you will be on the best path towards a very modern style that always favors.

Hairstyles with braids for long hair, with a side bun

If it is that when several ideas come together in one, we can not believe it. More than anything because we will achieve everything we have always sought. It is a hairstyle of the simplest to perform. So even if you do not have too much practice, I’m sure it will be more than good. To do this, you will make a root braid from the top and side. With the rest of the hair, we will pick it up in a low and lateral ponytail.

From it, you will make a bow and finally, you will place the braid around it. Yes, maybe that’s the way it might sound simple enough, you’ll see that it really does not have another complication. It is in English, but even if you do not master the language, the steps can be followed perfectly. In this way, you will have a collection that you can wear in all the events that you have insight.

Collected low with braided

We love this type of collected! The low picks always share the most romantic touch. Although sometimes they also have a fairly classic look, they will never go out of style. That is why we also leave you with a video and two more than perfect options for weddings, baptisms or communions.

In the first one, we will have to start by dividing the hair and making braids all over it. First on both sides, then on the back and then with the remaining strands. It is about starting with a kind of bun, which will be accompanied by braids. They will be placed on it, to give it shape.

For the second of the hairstyles with braids for long hair, it is a matter of making a braid stuck and picking up its end, to give a little volume to the hairstyle itself. Then, with the rest of the hair, we will have to make a new braid that will be attached to the base of our hairstyle. You will understand everything quickly because simpler cannot be. In both options, good taste and elegance are more than assured.

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If we love the collected ones, it is not enough for us to think of a perfect mermaid braid. A hairstyle that is also collected, separating the strands of the face, but where we can wear a braid that falls on our backs. The initial idea already we love and the process is not that it is anything complicated. The first thing you should do is a back braid. Starting from it, you will only have to take some strands of hair. You will have to twist them on themselves and then, enter between the braid.

You will open a small space with your fingers in the braid. You will go doing these steps until the hair is completely collected. Of course, the effect is spectacular, so if you have any type of event, you can also think of a model like that. With a little lacquer and some detail as a fork with rhinestones or flowers, you will have that braided hairstyle as special as you looked for it. Which one did you like the most?

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