Hairstyles that can damage your hair forever

There are so many and so varied hairstyles that we tend to be carried away by them. We try the vast majority of them, without realizing that sometimes they become a habit, but harmful. Something that will only damage your hair forever. You have to be very careful!

It is true that many of the hairstyles that we will mention become basic in our day by day. Known by all, we know that they have always brought us comfort and elegance at the same time as trends. But they have that hidden face and can damage the hair. Do you want to know what they are?

Very taut ponytail

It is one of the hairstyles that you know the most and it does not surprise us. Because without a doubt, we are facing one of the options we have seen since childhood. Horsetail can be so versatile that it always triumphed among fashion options. In addition, it can be adapted to all ages and times of the day. But it is true that when we pick up the hair in this way and make it very tight, it can damage us more than necessary. It can damage the roots of the hair and cause it to break.damage

Toupees or carded

A carving on the top of the head is always a good companion to a festive hairstyle. It will be more than perfect, but we do not realize that at the same time it can also damage our hair. Because when we make this idea quite often, the hair will be more fragile and will break more easily. Also, you will see it as a drier. Therefore, this type of hairstyles is always on specific occasions.

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Beware of damp hair!

In recent years, another of the trends that we have not been able to miss has been the wet or wet hairstyles. Even the famous ones have been seen in numerous red carpets wearing a style like this. Well, when we have wet hair, it is best to always leave loose. Because if we collect it in this way, it will be damaged more easily. Why? Because wet hair is much more sensitive and is easier to break and weaken.

The use of plates can also damage the hair

Undoubtedly, when the intense heat is placed on the hair, it will end up damaged. It is true that one of the most used tools in the world of beauty is iron. Because not only to straighten hair, but also different hairstyles can be made. Therefore, we usually have it always at hand. Of course, if we use it very often, then it also causes damage to the hair. The heat is the culprit, so we should always apply a protector and of course, do not abuse too much of the plates.extensions

The extensions

Although they are also well known by everyone and also can give us a perfect hairstyle and more volume, not everything is so beautiful for our hair. Because the extensions can also damage it more than the account or more than we think. They can become a bit heavy for the hair, which will weaken the union area or the roots. Undoubtedly, sometimes it is quite noticeable and that the hair gives us the best signs that something is happening. Therefore, the best thing is always not to abuse any type of specific hairstyle. We can wear them on special occasions but let loose hair and natural, be the protagonist of our day by day.

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