Hairstyles ideas for long hair

If you have run out of ideas for hairstyles for long hair, there are many others. Because a long mane also lends itself to different styles. Ideas that you can adapt to your party moments as well as those of each day because they will not take too much time.

Having hair, we do not always have to get carried away by the most complicated hairstyles. The best thing is always to opt for simplicity because it is also the key to elegance and trends. Today you will see how hairstyling ideas for long hair will get you out of trouble.

Two root braids and loose hair

One of the perfect ideas of hairstyles for long hair is this one. It is about leaving the hair loose, but to give it the most original touch at the same time as today, we will make a pair of simple braids. For this, we will comb the hair well and on one of the sides, we will make two braids. We will leave it next to each other and said braids will be the basic ones of three ends. To finish this hairstyle, we will hold the braids back. So that the final part of them is hidden between the rest of the mane.

Collected under very simple

The low picks are another of the great ideas we have. The truth is that they move between comfort and elegance. Hence, we can mold it to all the moments we want. But yes, always in a very easy way. In this case, we have to comb the hair and pick it up in a low ponytail with a rubber band. Just above said rubber, we separate the hair and put the pigtail several times until we have collected it well so that it is entangled.

Hairstyles for long hair, but with a donut

Undoubtedly, bows are also more than perfect for long hair. In addition, with the help of the donut, we will achieve a suitable volume and finish. For this, we just have to pick up the hair in a high ponytail. We put the donut and began to cover it with the hair. When we have it, we will wind it by strands and we will place them around our bun. Remember to hold them well with hairpins. When you get some practice, it will not take more than a few minutes.

Bubble Pigtail

It is perfect the longer the hair is. Because without a doubt, the effect that is achieved will stand out much more. The bubble queue became fashionable and of course, is another trend to consider. It is the easiest to carry out. To do this, you just need to make a high ponytail and then, placing small rubber bands along it and hollowing each part to give the feeling of a bubble. To make you look much more natural, you can cover the gums with fine strands of hair.

High pigtail with a toupee

If it’s the pigtails they never go out of style, however, they may be. Hence, we love in all its forms and also, are the most flattering. Therefore, we are left with this version of it. It is about making a toupee first. This will give us a little volume at the top and for this; we have to card a little hair and then, comb it back. Finally, we will collect all the hair in a ponytail.

Semi-collected with braids

The semi-collected are also one of the bases of our hairstyles. With them, we can also continue to wear our long hair. In this case, we will have to separate two strands, one on each side of the head. We will make two braids, one with each of them. Now, we will take each braid to its opposite side. We hide the ends of each of them and hold them to hold us throughout the day.

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