best hairstyles for thin faces

5 best hairstyles for thin faces

hairstyles for thin faces

Do you have a round face? If you think this type of face does not favor you, do not worry. Today we will tell you what are the hairstyles thin faces.

Thanks to them, we will be able to refine our features a little more. Yes, because the hair has the ease of making our face look much more favored.

It is not complicated, but we must pay attention to each of these haircuts and hairstyles thin faces. Because the right choice will be the final result, which will be just as amazing.

If you had not thought about it before, it is time for you to discover everything we bring you today.

hairstyles for slimming the face with banded bangs

One of the first details to consider is bangs. We will ensure that never combed has a little more movement. Also, we will always have to think that aside bangs will favor us.

In this way, you will make your face stylize a little more. You can always contribute to comb it on only one side or let a simple lock fall on the opposite side.

Layered hairstyles

In addition to being one of the favorite cuts by the vast majority, they also allow us to show a thinner face. Layered hairstyles are because we will give more movement to our hair but be careful with it.

Try that the layers are not very short and that you do not add much volume on both sides of the face. Of course, if you have thin hair, it sure doesn’t happen to you.

You can combine a long, straight hairstyle with the bangs we have mentioned before.

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Long bob hairstyles

As we well know, Bob cut has become one of the great protagonists of female beauty. In this case, we talk about a Long Bob, who has a longer mane. It will reach shoulder height at least.

Try never to be shorter than the part of the chin. It completed with a scaled type cut and a lot of movement to refine the features.


Pixie with asymmetric hairstyles

Short hair has created and continues to create a trend. That is why a Pixie cut is one of the best resources. Yes, also for women with rounded faces.

But in this case, it has certain modifications. Try to leave an asymmetrical cut with a side bang area.

In addition, it is always better not to cut it too much at the top to give it a little volume. Don’t you think it’s a very flattering style?

Half mane hairstyles

If you like medium hair, you can also make your face look thinner. Try to wear straight hair. Also, in the area near the front or lateral area, it is always better to finish with a stepped cut.

Again the layers will have to be the real protagonists. The less volume your hair has, the more flattering you’ll see.

Wave hair hairstyles

The waves in the hair are a very natural and sexy way to wear a hairstyle. So, we understand that it is to the taste of the vast majority. Another one of the haircuts and hairstyles thin faces can be this one.

You will wear a rather long and wavy mane. But always try to make it very soft. The best thing is that these waves are pronounced in the area of the tips. While the strands that are closer to the face are less wavy.

Remember that a very tight hairstyle does not favor. It is best to opt for some hairstyles or hairstyles where you can add some volume at the top.

Similarly, long, loose and smooth strands on both sides of the head are a good option. What are the haircuts to thin the fact that you liked the most?


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