Hairstyles for short hair

Although it may not seem like it, hairstyles for short hair are also very varied. Maybe a priori do not go through the head and that is, we always try to leave our hair long, without thinking that the short has many possibilities. We just have to try to get carried away by the imagination.

When we talk about short hair, we also include the shortest hair. So the options, in this case, are already expanding slightly. So, if you want to discover the best hairstyles for short hair, here we have great ideas. You will see how much they favor you!

Short hairstyle with volume

Very short hair or pixie style is one of the styles that have marked a trend. So much so, that there is no season that does not resurface again. So, if you have decided on a style like that, it is best to add a little volume. You can choose the shortest cut at the nape of the neck and leave the upper part a little longer. So you can make certain toupees or maybe choose the disheveled effect that is always fashionable.

Hairstyle with the side braid

Another of the key hairstyles is braided. We can carry them in several ways, but one of them is the lateral one. To do this, we will only have a part of the hair collected. An original way to remove the hair on one side of the head. For this, we just need to go making a fine braid, adding strands in its path. In the video, you can see it perfectly.

Cascade braids

The tresses cascaded are also perfect for this type of hair. In this case, they should be thicker and you can also choose a single part of the hair. It is not a complicated technique, but it is true that it needs a bit of practice to make it perfect. So, we also leave you a video because it is the best way to learn. Once made, you can hide the end of the braid or, make another one on the opposite side and join them on the back of the head. That is already for tastes!

Party hairstyle with a toupee

In this case, we will opt for a festive and elegant hairstyle. It is about combing and straightening the hair well. Once ready, we have to separate the top layer and give it a little volume. In what way? then car it and then, combing it back carefully. Then, we remove the sides backward and fix them with forks. Remember that you can apply them and give them that ‘wet’ touch we have seen on so many red carpets.

Hairstyles for short hair with waves and accessories

Among the best ideas to not lose a lot of time is this. A comfortable hairstyle that favors and that also never goes out of style. So, for this, we just need to slightly curl the hair. Because surfer waves are always basic in our life. Of course, if you already have wavy hair, you can always give it a little bit of shape. To finish the hairstyle, nothing like adding a compliment as a headband. As we know, we have many styles to consider.

Picked up with braids

We are seeing several ideas but all of them allow us to continue showing half a mane. But it is true that we can also do some collected. If so the moment requires it or if you see that it is a perfect way to vary, nothing better to get hold of the collective. To do this, nothing like dividing the hair into three parts. With each of them, we will make a braid. Then, we will only have to join them with hairpins and hide their ends inwards. You will see how you have left a kind of braided bun of the most original.

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