Hairstyles for round faces

The hairstyles for round faces can be very varied. That is to say, that each face can choose a series of options that will favor you and in this case, it would not be different. So if your face type is quite rounded, then you can not miss everything that we will discuss today.

If we do not need to complicate too much because with some simple hairstyles, we will achieve a unique effect and as we say, flattering.

We will try to soften the features and maintain that youthful air that these types of faces usually have. Do you want to know how?

Long hair with a lateral stripe

If you have long hair, then it is good news. At least, for a hairstyle like this. You can leave your hair loose and comb with the lateral line.

Of course, you can always accompany her with a fringe also lateral. It is a perfect look to wear during the day or to go out for a drink with your friends.

Long Bob

Another of the hairstyles for round faces is this. Undoubtedly, Bob haircut goes well in most of the occasions. That is why he has always had such fame and tendency.

So in this case, we will leave the hair a little longer, we will comb our hair to the side and let ourselves be carried away by very soft waves.

Thanks to the asymmetric cut, it will give a little volume, in the form of movement, very subtle. Without a doubt, it is one of the best options!round faces

Loose picked, disheveled style

When we want a pickup for an event, then there are also perfect options for you. Among the hairstyles for round faces, we highlight this. You can make yourself a romantic bass pickup. But for this, you should know that it is better to leave a few loose locks in the front.

In addition, it is preferable that you cover the ears and that the catch is not too tight. Therefore, the disheveled effect will always be more flattering at the same time as natural and modern. What more can we ask?

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Side Braid

Another of the hairstyles that also tend to succeed in this. Undoubtedly, it is one of the big favorites of celebrities and therefore, often sees in many red carpets. To do this, you have to comb your hair to the side. Remember to leave the odd strand on both sides.

You will make the braid of three strands or whichever you prefer. It is a simple, comfortable, and very fast hairstyle.round faces

Semi-collected with volume

If you want to wear your hair a little loose, it will also help you think about the semi-collected hairstyles. They are a good alternative for round faces. But remember that in this case, you must add a little volume to the top of the head.

To do this, you will take some strands of hair. Then, you can attach a few strands with hairpins, on the back of the head, and that’s it.

Hairstyles for round faces, high bun

We talked about a low hairstyle, but we lacked the idea of the highest hairstyle. Undoubtedly, another of the great classics is the top bun. The truth is that tight hairstyle are not very good, but we can always make an exception.

In addition, a high chignon does not always have to be of a single style, but we can combine it as we like. We will leave some loose strands and everything solved.

Now we just have to make a tall ponytail and from it, our bun. We can always help with a donut or rubber band to help us achieve a more professional result.

Braid Headband

It seems that the braids do not leave us and as such, they can also be seen in different ways. In this case, we must make a pair of braids on both sides and then put them in the shape of a headband.

But for us to be perfect, it is best to leave a wide range of loose strands or, bet on the fringe that will also be vital. What do you think of these hairstyles for round faces?

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