hairstyles for rainy days

The best hairstyles for rainy days

Already entered at this time, it is time to think about hairstyles for rainy days. Because we don’t have to give up the style we like, but simply adapt it to the new circumstances. The humidity will not make our task very simple.

So, it’s time to forget about all those perfect, straight, and flawless hairstyles. It is best to opt for a more natural style than disheveled. But always helping us with the great classics of all time. Do you want to know which the best hairstyles are for rainy days?

Hairstyles for rainy days with braids

As we all know well, braids are one of the easiest ways to pick our hair. That is why we do not want to spend much time in front of the mirror but yes that our hairstyle remains for longer. Well, braids are one of the best solutions. What hairstyles with braids can I do? It is a question with endless answers.

French braid

One of the best options is the French braid. This collects all the hair on the back of the head. Which allows us to enjoy a pick-up, rain, or wind? Of course, you can always leave some strands, depending on your style. You can wear this braid during the day or for an important event.

Two braids

You can divide the hair into two parts, they are the middle part. In this way, a braid on each side will be another of the perfect youth hairstyles to wear to class.

Herringbone side braid

For a somewhat more elaborate hairstyle, we can’t forget herringbone braid. A much more modern style that also combines with everything. You will comb the hair to the side and make the tang braid. It can let loose several strands on both sides.

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Pigtails for rainy days

If the braids are basic, the pigtails are not far behind. In this case, they are also perfect to adapt to our day by day. It doesn’t matter if we talk about classes or work and the party.

High ponytail

Ponytail or ponytail is one of the best ideas for the weather. You can pick up your hair well; even leave it a little tight.

Just don’t abuse this type of braided hairstyles because you can ruin your hair. Although for rain and wind they are perfect. Especially if we add some fixing gel.

Low queue

The low queue also gives us a very basic idea. It can be shaped in many ways. Both with disheveled and casual style as more classic and perfect. In this way, you can comb your hair well, pick it up, and help yourself with a strand of the ponytail to be able to curl it right where the hairband goes.

Collected in the form of bows

The bows could not miss either. They could not be less so much in ideas as in being a basic and simple option. You can make a bun from a ponytail. As simple as that!. Of course, you can always adapt it as you like.

Braided bun

You can always accompany a bun with a braid. One of the great ideas is to start with the latter in the neck. To do this, you will have to elaborate on your hairstyle by lifting the strands up.

When you reach half of the head, you can make a ponytail with the leftover of the mane. This queue will be our new bun. You can always decorate them with hairpins or, headbands if the occasion deserves it!

Dancing bun

The so-called dancing bun will be another of your great ideas. A high bun that comes from having collected all the hair, making a ponytail, and curling the excess of it.

Semi-collected or loose hair

Although hairstyles for rainy days do not leave much choice to loose hair, we can always mold it. Choose to make some semi-collected or to make some waves in your mane.

In this way, the natural and disheveled effect will be done again with your hair. Although it is not the best idea, we don’t have to give it up either.

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