Hairstyles for curly hair very easy

Because we know that curly hair is always one of the most suited to all types of hairstyles. Therefore, today we are going to see some of those that are carried out in a very simple and fast way. Two qualities that when they go together and in this of beauty, we love.

If you were already running out of ideas or you did not know which could be the ones that make the most fashion, we do a review of the hairstyles for curly hair that surely, you will love it. You just have to enjoy all these varieties and put them into practice as soon as possible. Are you ready?

High chignon for curly hair

One of the ones we like the most is the high chignon. But behind are those ideas so extremely perfect and well combed to welcome those of disheveled effect. As the hair is curly, the volume will be more than perfect. The video that follows leaves us with several hairstyles that we will see, but one of the simplest we have it in our top bun. We will leave little bangs to give more volume and complete the hairstyle.

Then, we just have to pick up the hair in a very high ponytail. Thanks to the wavy effect, we will not need to do anything else. We hold the ponytail with a rubber band, but we will not tighten it much. In this way, it will open slightly and we will place it towards the top and the bangs. A way to opt for a high hairstyle. It helps a lot if you have a round face and you can wear it for your moments of the day as well as the night.

Collected low with coilscurly hair

Although it may sound a little gimmicky, nothing is further from the truth. It is another of the curly hairstyles easier to carry out. In this case, we will make two divisions in the form of tufts, which come out from the top and side. Each of those strands, we will curl on themselves. Finally, the remaining hair, we hold it with a rubber band on the back. Now we have a kind of low ponytail. Well, with her, we’ll make a bow. Twisting the excess hair on itself and then, forming the bow itself, in around. Fasten it with a new rubber band.

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Semi-collected with volume

The volume is already brought by curly hair by itself. But it is still, it is another of the key hairstyles to wear on each occasion. It can also be adapted to day-to-day as well as to more formal events. For this, nothing likes doing a hair distribution on the back and top. Try to make a pigtail also a bit high. Then, we give shape to the mane and we will see how it seems that we even have long hair.

Romantic picked up for curly hair

I could not miss a romantic pick up for curly hair. The truth is that the ideas are crowding and all of them are the simplest. So, in this case, we also have to follow the steps indicated in the following video. We will start at the top where we will make the first hair distribution. In this case, it is always better to pick it up with transparent hair gums since they will look much less.

Then we will do two more distributions in the back. Each one of them will be passed inwards, to give it a little bit of shape. Maybe this step is the most complicated because sometimes we can have some strands of hair a little tangled. Hence, it is always advisable to apply a little cream on the hands so that everything slides better. Finally, with the last ponytail or distribution, we should try to screw it inwards, like a bow. As you can see, the result is a perfect and stylish pickup. What more can we ask?

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