Hairstyles for a day wedding

The hairstyles for a wedding day can be as varied. But it is true that during the day, we can choose more relaxed and natural ideas, compared to night hairstyles. So much so that we can give free rein to what we like and favors the most.

From the wavy and loose hair to the braids or semi-collected. Perfect options to complete a very elegant style in a day of the most important. Do not miss all the ideas you have at your disposal because you will love them. Will, you put them into practice?

Loose hair with marked waves, among the best hairstyles for a day wedding

Although it seems a hairstyle of the simplest we do not have to leave it aside. Of course, when it comes to a wedding, we must take into account some nuances. For example, the best thing is to add waves to our mane, but well marked. If you choose the vintage style, much better. A marked mane that you can choose to comb to one side and that also can apply to both longer and shorter hair. A glam touch inspired by the 50s that cannot be missing in your life! You can finish the style with long earrings and party makeup, but not too intense.

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Side braids and with disheveled effectwedding

It is true that the vast majority of the time when choosing a hairstyle we have to do so depending on the dress or suit. Without forgetting the style of the wedding. That’s why, for an elegant, outdoor wedding, it’s always good to think about boho-style hairstyles. One of the most flattering is the side braids. For example, the tang braids that always have a touch undone. You can add some loose strands and of course, side bangs. We insist that if the wedding is day and outdoors, you can even accompany her with flower

Picked up with braids

Although it is true that those collected are often seen at night, today we allow this option. It is another of the hairstyles for a day wedding. We can simply make a low pick up, leave some strands on the side of the head and with them, make a few strands of backs. Then, we’ll attach them to the bun low and ready. Here you have several options, since in addition; the bun can be made with braids, which would only make you a braided style pickup. They are always a youth option and it does not go out of fashion, so we must take them into account. Of course, we still talk about a relaxed hairstyle, which we can complete with some loose strands.

Hairstyles for the wedding day with headdresses and hats

During the day you can use both headdresses and hats. But it is true that this can be somewhat sophisticated. Therefore, nothing like making sure that it is a very formal wedding. If this is the case, then you will have these two options that you will love. The headdresses can be of the most varied, among which include some type of hairnet and flowers. While we all know the hats, which are always seen when the occasion requires it.

Picked up very simple

We will not complicate with the collection as we are seeing. But it is true that we could not forget the high picks. Because they are also willing to give us a comfortable and elegant touch when we need it. We just have to collect all the hair in a high bun. Leaving a couple of strands in the part of the ears, but always thin and discreet. Finish the look with bright earrings but not too big to not recharge a day style, which will always be easier than the night.

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