Hairstyles arranged to make in a few minutes

There are so many ideas of hairstyles that exist, that when we need a specific one, we cannot think of one! But today, we’re going to show you a series of groomed hairstyles that you will not be able to forget. Because the most elegant and original are not always the ones that take longer to make them.

Therefore, today we give good proof of this with these great ideas. Fixed and simple hairstyles that we can wear in the most special moments of our life. If you have a party coming soon, do not forget to memorize each and every one of those that follow, because you will be totally favored.

Pigtail low and curled inwards

In a few words and in a few steps, we will have one of the most special and original arranged hairstyles. Because the elegance and the tendency of the pigtails come together in a simple gesture. To do this, comb your hair back. Hold it in a low ponytail, with a rubber band. Just above said rubber, you open a hole with your fingers and put the pigtail through it. The effect is great. Of course, if you want the most classic cut, with the remaining ponytail, you can always make a small bow under. Do not you think it’s a good idea?

Hairstyles arranged with loose hair with waves

Because not all groomed hairstyles have to be always collected. Some of them may also consist of a loose mane. But yes, always have to be well taken care of to show our best face. Therefore, the waves always bring it to us. You can get them in many ways. One of them is to make some braids and leave them overnight. Although if you want the fastest process, make the braids, pass them to the iron and release the hair. You will see how light waves have seized him. Of course, if your hair is very smooth, then choose to keep the braids longer, as we have said.

Bun with locks

It does not take much practice for a hairstyle like this. It consists of left, on both sides of the head, a pair of thick strands of hair. With the rest of the hair, we will make a horse ponytail, rather low. Once we have the ponytail, we twist it to make a bow. We will pass a lock (the right), over our bun and towards the left side. The same step, but with the other strand. Thus, they will be crossed over the hairstyle. Giving us a result of the most elegant. You can always adorn this type of hairstyles with jewels or floral hairpins, however, you like.

Semi-collected with toupee

A classic idea but with which we will triumph if we propose it. Because it is another of the arranged hairstyles that will be ready in less than five minutes. For this, we will do a semi-collected. We separated the upper part of it but before holding it, let’s card it. So, we will give a light volume and retro effect that we like so much. Once carded, we place it backward, with the help of the comb but in a soft way so that the volume does not fall apart. We hold back the side tufts, without being too tight. You can hold the hairstyle with a bow or a fork-shaped detail. You can slightly undulate the mane for a more professional finish.

Side hairstyle with screwed

I could not miss another of the star hairstyles, as are the laterals. In this case, it comes with a simple twist that gives it a more jovial and original look. For this, we should throw all the hair aside. We will wrap the lower part of the hair around itself. Then, with the rest, you will hold it to the side with a rubber band. As simple as that. Of course, to avoid loose hairs, instead of simply twisting, you can also take strands, twist them and attach them with hairpins, by the back of the head.

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