Haircuts trend in 2019

As every year, new ideas are emerging on how to wear hair—new shades but also new haircuts that will be a trend this 2019. If you’re thinking of a significant change of look. It may be time to make a different cut, and if you’ve never done it. You can try those that are less daring but just as current.

Going through haircuts that to others that appear to create a trend. We have a few ideas for you to change your hair this winter.

If you have already tired of the bob cut, there are new things you can do with your hair. Do not miss these great ideas for your hair.

Fashion flapper cut

flapper cut Haircuts trend
If there is a haircut that is going to be a trend this season, it is the flapper cut. A cut is reminiscent of the girls of the 20th century, the flappers. By the jaw in a straight cut, with or without bangs, because each person can adapt it to their style.

Although the newest cut is the one that has consecutive hits to match the straight cut. It serves for straight and wavy hair that does not have too much volume.

It is a cut that may have to be avoided by those with an elongated face, because it can accentuate this feature even more, but which is ideal for other face shapes.

Pixie hair returns

The hair pixie seems never to have gone out of fashion. Each person wears it differently, with more or fewer bangs, with wicks or a unique tone, with or without complements.

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It is one of the most radical cuts there is, so if you want to go from a mane to a wound that catches your attention, this is your new haircut.

Many have already dared, although you must think about it well, because you may want to return to your mane later, and you know that the hair will take longer to grow.

Cut your hair in layers cut your hair

Haircuts trend

Although in recent times the prominence of the bob cut has made the hair equal. It was a time that the layers were returning.

The hair with volume and without volume accepts it because it adds a lot of movement to the mane, whatever the cut.

It is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable reductions for those who do not visit too much the hairdresser, especially if we avoid bangs.

It can grow without looking scruffy because it goes in layers. So it is ideal for those looking for quick and easy hairstyles.

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Disheveled hair with bangs bangs

The natural so far away is that straight hair with iron and dryer, with each hair in place.

It looks for a much fresher style that is also more youthful, where there are waves and hair with movement.

The swag hair is the cut of the moment for the wavy hair and for those who want to wear bangs without having to touch it regularly since it is a little uneven and informal.

Shorter bangs

Yes, asymmetrical fringes are worn. But this time the shorter edges begin to be a trend. They are excellent if your forehead is not very large.

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It is worn in pixie or flapper cuts, totally modern, only for the most daring who follow the trends without fear.

Cut boy cut off the 90Cut boy

Cut boy

If you liked the pixie, you can always go a step further and bet on the boy’s cut of the 90s that is back in fashion. A cut that also calls daring colors.

Curly and layered curly


Those who have curly hair are lucky because it is also a trend. Wearing it in layers that give it movement and leave it free is an ideal cut for these hairs.

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