Haircuts for long face

We always want to highlight our natural beauty. For this, nothing like starting with haircuts or good hairstyles. So, if you have a long face, we have the best ideas for you. Because there are many who will make you look totally favored, but others have the function of doing the opposite.

It does not hurt for us to know which the haircuts that really favor us are. Because in this case, not everything we like is what really suits us. Discover which are the cuts and hairstyles that best go with an elongated face!

Long mane for long facelong face

Yes, for all those who love long hair, we have good news. You can wear and show off your mane, especially if it’s quite long. Of course, as long as you play with textures and light volumes. In the same way, you can accompany a mane like this one with a fringe. Try not to be too straight and cover the part of the eyebrows. The best thing is that it is not abundant, but a light fringe. The union of this one with the long mane will favor you and much.

Bob Cut, one of the best haircuts

We say the best because the truth is that it is left to combine with the vast majority of faces. In this case, as we talk about elongated, you can also take it. But remember that it is always better to add light waves. Only with this volume will it be much more favorable. Inside this haircut, you can choose to add a banded fringe as well as let yourself be carried by a bob a little longer. Which one is your favorite?

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Mane with a ray in the middle

Although it is a hairstyle of always, not everyone dares with him. The truth is that again we mentioned how the mane is the protagonist. But in this case, we will make the line in the middle. In order not to cause an opposite effect, it is always better to give back volume to the hair. But not too much, you can only make waves of surfer type and disheveled with a plate. In addition, you can give a more attractive touch if you choose to ride the hair. It is always one of the best ideas. You will see how you get a great and flattering result that is what interests us.Pixie

Short hair or Pixie

Another of the great classics, like Bob, is the Pixie. It is one of the best options when we talk about flattering haircuts. The elongated faces will be enchanted with a hairstyle like this one. On the one hand, it is one of the great trends and they do not go out of style. On the other, it is comfortable and perfect for summer and other seasons. Of course, if you decide for him, give him a certain volume in the upper part and on both sides, we will leave him a little shorter.

Short hair with long bangs

If there are many options and combinations that we can give our hair. In this case, we have left with short hair again, but with a slight modification. It’s about wearing bangs that are lopsided and long. A perfect way to combine the two styles of fashion. The tendencies take over our life and of course, if they also favor us, we can not deny ourselves before them. You can also give a little volume to the bangs and the top.

Let your hair down!

Because there is not a cut or a better and more flattering hairstyle. If you like the ideas of always, then let your hair long and give it volume with good waves. In addition, you can apply some wicks to add more shine and texture. The truth is that all these cuts and hairstyles are perfect for you. Now it’s time to take the step!

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