Haircut for the triangle shaped face

Hairstylist tips to unleash the triangle-shaped face (like that of supermodel Karlie Kloss). And a roundup of the star which cuts inspiration. For all lengths triangular face.

Forehead, cheekbones more or less pronunciation and pointed chin: these are the main characteristics of the triangular face. The model Karlie Kloss (pictured) is a perfect example. To locate the shape of your face and see if it is a triangle, you do as you pull your hair back and stared in the mirror. The typical three-sided geometric figure you will snap to the eyes. They also know this kind of face as sweetheart, precisely because the tip (the triangle) is pointing downwards.

How to enhance the triangular face with cut

The main goal of cutting is the upper part of the face, trying to narrow down the front. Yes to a lateral tuft that creates movement, and also to the fringe, with due caution. The right bangs for your face in a triangle must be full, parade and not too geometric.

On a triangular face definitely must avoid rigid geometries, preferring soft cuts, with little marked contours and above all very light, so you can lighten the strokes ‘ suggests the hairstylist Alexander Jesuit who, after 12 years alongside Aldo Coppola.

A very suitable for this type of face might be a medium-cut short the years ‘ 70 revisited in a modern key, then with volumes on top and edge softness in parts of the face. To lighten it a bit longer, can also be helpful to sketch some lightening here and there. ”

The cuts to avoid

Your hair too long, cut equal and taken too stretched, they would stretch even further would make the face appear Chin still more triangular. The helmet has to be choppy and wavy, while the short cut is better both studied with WISPs that caress the cheekbones and doesn’t leave too much discovery.

Examples of triangular faces to inspire

So here’s a roundup of all lengths to save with a screenshot (and take it to the hairdresser) If you have the triangle face all or almost all represent the hair tip, provided by the expert.

The carre moved Karlie KlossKarlie Kloss

Is probably the most guessed to enhance a triangular face the photo is of 2013 but gained a following, since it has coined a new term: wob, the contraction of lob (another name for a helmet) and waves.

Jennifer Love Hewitt scaled hairJennifer

With the triangular face, long hair are not discouraged as long as they are cleverly scaled the sides. Excellent choice to bring the clump of side and full: breaks up the front, making the face more harmonious.

The middle cut “light” by Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift

The cut of the singer is so guessed that he forgets to have a triangular face. The length is well tuned up to the Chin with invisible string gauges that give volume. In addition, the full bangs but light and choppy styling do the rest.

The airy yoke of Julianne HoughJulianne Hough

Award-winning singer-actress’s face 2 editions of dancing with the stars the USA is definitely triangular, with a particularly sharp Chin and jaw bone a little strong. However, the soft yoke by the styling not too rigorous graces of his strokes.

The tuft of Reese WitherspoonWitherspoon

The American actress loves along that emphasizes her face from the doll. The side very gradual scaling of its cut perfectly clears the perimeter of the triangle which accompanies it from his face.

Extra short cutting of Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson

The cut is a little too short for the triangular face of the beautiful Scarlett. Highlights the pointed chin in contrast with high cheekbones the cut so short it could, however, be a choice to show your face to the heart as its hallmark.

Cutting years ‘ 70 by Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue

The picture is the classic early ‘ 70 to Farrah Fawcett contemporary twist. It is, in fact, less paraded but maintains the same volume on the sides of the face. An excellent choice if you prefer to leave discovery its forehead, characteristic of the triangular face.

Kate Hudson beach wavesKate Hudson

If you want to bring your hair parted in the Middle, instead of sideways, as suggested by the stylist Jesuit, a nice cut to inspire is the American actress. Ripples read who approach the cheekbones make her face more oval, making it seem the less edgy.

The precise scale of Christina RicciChristina Ricci

Finally, the exception that proves the rule in this photo the former Wednesday Addams Family brings a cut that generally it is not recommended to those who have the triangular face, and it is especially. The cut is indeed somewhat strict and geometric, emphasized by a very smooth fold.

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