Hair spray

Hair spray, the pros and cons

One of the most common and used fixatives is hair spray. When we want to get a special hairstyle and that lasts much longer, we resort to it. Although it is true that lately is a little in disuse, over the years has always had a lot of work and at different times.

Surely in your house was usual or come to the hairdresser and recognize that characteristic smell. Well, being a great protagonist, the hairspray also has its pros and cons. Today we will reveal all those doubts that you had in mind for a long time.

The advantages of using hairspray

In the mid-twentieth century the use of lacquer was extended and as such, it was an essential product in beauty. Of course, it was also evolving as well as the hairstyles. Therefore, when you wanted a hairstyle with a certain volume always resorted to a product like this. Whether in the toupees as in the bows or perhaps other styles. Because in addition to this volume fixed the hairstyle much longer than we thought.

Therefore, we must talk about a series of advantages but as long as we make responsible use of the lacquer. Today we are lucky to be able to choose the lacquer that fits our hair type. In addition, they have evolved a lot and each time we find products that take care of our hair a little more. As we know, it will help us to make our hairstyle always perfect. One of the great advantages that lacquer has and that sometimes, we need. For fine hair, it is always perfect, since it gives you a lot more body.

The disadvantages of hair lacquer

As we know, as a rule, the lacquer tends to dry the hair. For this reason, we will no longer see the same shine of our natural hair. So, that’s why we should limit your consumption. Only on special occasions, for those events that occur once every so often. In addition, they have ingredients such as alcohol. Not all will carry the same amount, so we must always look at the labels.

Remember that you should always apply the lacquer to more than 20 centimeters of your hair. You should not leave the lacquer in your hair from one day to the next. Because the same thing that happens with makeup, this product can be harmful to your scalp. You must wash your hair or brush it to say goodbye to this

After brushing it if you see that it really does not get removed, and then it’s time to change brands. The continued use of the lacquer can cause the hair to tend to fall a little more. This is because by drying your hair, you can make the knots appear and the hair breaks more easily. Similarly, it will also resect the scalp. Therefore, it is important not to abuse this type of products.

How to use the lacquer

We always have to think about the type of hair we have and also, the fixation we need. If you opt for a strong hair lacquer, it will be for a pickup that you want to last all day. Of course, if you are going to wear your hair loose, but you want to keep it in place, a medium setting lacquer will be perfect because it does not cake. To fix those rebellious hairs, then we can apply a little of this product on a brush and pass it through the hair. Spray making circular movements but always, using little product. Because if we pass, we will also spoil the hairstyle and with it, the final

If you want to use the lacquer to give volume, then go lifting strands of hair and apply it on the base or root thereof. To avoid drying out the area of the scalp, as mentioned above, it is best to apply on the part of the tips to finish the hairstyle. Always remember that a product like this is not for every day, but for special occasions.

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