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How to choose the hair brush

Hair care goes through treatments and also through the simplest gestures made daily. Although it seems almost unimportant, the truth is that you should choose the hair brush well to avoid damaging our hair. There are different types of hair and that is why there are also different types of hair brushes.

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The best Almond oil for hair

We know that oils are essential for the care of our hair. They are many and varied but today we will focus on one of them. The almond oil for hair is one of the great essential. No doubt you will see how it will help you maintain healthier hair and say goodbye to certain problems of the same.

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Olive oil for hair

The vast majority we have in the kitchen, but there are many more uses to give. Hence, today we focus on olive oil for hair. Because it can also do a lot for our hair. If you still have not dared to use it, sure that from today everything will change, with the advice we give you. Olive oil...

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How to curl the hair with the iron

Although it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to change the look, we do not always get it. Curling the hair with the iron is adding light waves to our hair. Undoubtedly, you can do it in a matter of minutes, but to do so, you need to follow some basic tips.

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How to remove hair dandruff

It’s quite uncomfortable, look where you look. Removing dandruff from hair is not always a simple task and seeing it fall on the shoulders and on the clothes, less. So, it’s time to pay enough attention and eliminate it once and for all. Do you want to know how to get it?

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How to apply henna on hair

If you are looking for a natural alternative to the typical hair dyes, then we suggest you try the henna. However, you must know how to apply henna and also the advantages and disadvantages of using this natural product. There are those who have already switched to henna and we know that natural cosmetics have more and more followers...


How to clean the hairbrush

The vast majority of the time we focus on brushing or combing hair. But not always in the hairbrush and in its cleaning. Well, it is also another point to consider if we want to enjoy an amazing result. So, today we will take the big step of doing a good cleaning.

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Hair spray, the pros and cons

One of the most common and used fixatives is hair spray. When we want to get a special hairstyle and that lasts much longer, we resort to it. Although it is true that lately is a little in disuse, over the years has always had a lot of work and at different times.

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Afro hair: extra care for great results

It is the typical hair difficult to treat but which, if well taken care of, rewards you with softness and endless charm. In spite of what you might think, afro hair is very delicate and fragile. In fact, they have a thin structure that makes them easy to break and dehydrate. So, treating them with great care for softening...