Hair masks with different effects

The masks for the hair have their function and can help us to greatly improve the appearance of this. In addition, each person can find a type of mask for their hair, depending on the specific problem they have. These masks can be purchased already made or we can make them at home with natural ingredients.

We are going to give you a few ideas to make different hair masks. These masks will be focused on different problems, so each person can use the one that suits them best. These masks are very simple and can be done by everyone.

Mask for oily hair

Oily hair is one that generates a lot of sebum on the scalp and that is why it seems dirty from one day to the next. This type of mask is focused on the scalp, which is where this excessive sebaceous secretion is found. The mask for oily hair should be made with a product that cares and cleanses the scalp at the same time. The white clay is a major ingredient for such masks. The clay is very beneficial for the skin, and the white one is focused on oily skin.

The clay is prepared in a bowl that is not made of metal, with a plastic or wooden spoon. Water is added and a paste is made that can be spread easily, neither too thick nor too liquid. Let it act by covering the head with a shower cap for 25 minutes and rinse with warm water. We will notice the cleanest hair and the purified scalp.

Moisturizing mask

There are many hairs that need hydration. You can also find many hydrant ingredients in this regard. A mask of honey and yogurt can restore softness to hair. Depending on our needs we will apply it at the tips or also at the roots. Coconut oil is also a great idea to make a simple hydrating mask. This oil is applied as is and allowed to act. At low temperatures, it is in a solid state, so it must be heated before the water bath. After its application, the hair is washed as usual. You will notice the much softer and brighter hair after its application.

Mask for dandruff

Dandruff is a problem that can become chronic or that appears from time to time. It occurs due to a fungus that affects our scalp and reproduces creating scales. There are several remedies that are quite effective when it comes to fighting dandruff. The white vinegar is one of them. Put a part of vinegar and three of water and rinse the hair with this mixture. Cover with a towel and let it dry. The vinegar has acetic acid, which makes the scalp is not a good place for the reproduction of the fungus.

The aloe vera is another product that can be used and also are effective if we have the sensitive and reddened scalp. Apply the aloe vera gel on the scalp giving a massage. This gel has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which causes dandruff to disappear.

Mask for weak hair

The hair can become weak for many things, from stress to excessive use of dyes and heat appliances. If this is your case, you can strengthen the hair with a mask made with almond oil and brewer’s yeast. If your hair is oily, change the almond oil for the jojoba oil, which regulates the fat on the scalp. Brewer’s yeast has great properties when it comes to strengthening hair. It can also be eaten at meals to increase that fortifying power of the hair.

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