Hair loss for women

Causes of hair loss and treatments for women

The hair loss can come from a variety of causes. It is clear that when we notice hair fall. We must look for the root of the problem so that the solution arrives. It is not always easy. So today we tell you about the main causes of that fall that in some months may intensify.

But it is also that, when the problem can be discovered, nothing likes starting to apply some solutions for it. Maybe some are more complicated to treat but others will be quickly solved with certain remedies that we also propose today.

Causes of hair loss

It is true that there can be several causes and we must analyze them well. Although it is usual that we cut some hair when it is in excess.


Undoubtedly, it is one of the general causes because the hair falls more. Stress, both physical and above all emotional, has a high impact on our lives. Our health suffers it and also weakens the hair.

If it is only a time in which you have more workload or have gone through a limited situation. Usually, no specific treatment is required. as little by little, it will go back to normal.


Causes of hair loss

The hormonal changes

Both pregnancy and postpartum or the arrival of menopause are moments that also often mark a before and after in our hair. It will be the differences in both progesterone and estrogen that cause this loss.

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Therefore, during pregnancy as there is a greater production of both hormones, we do not usually notice hair loss. But after childbirth, they decrease and the fall arrives that will stabilize in a short time. Although in this case, we may need some treatment to improve it.


Because some inheritances are not the most indicated. But really genetics is the boss in these cases. With the passage of time, we tend to lose the thickness of the hair.

Although it is said that genetics affects men more than women, we can also suffer it. You lose your hair with the passage of time. Nowadays, certain medications can be used to help fight the problem.

The drugs

Something that also influences to a great extent, is taking certain medications. It is very frequent that our hair is weakened by its effect. That’s why we have to talk about hair loss. It is said that both anxiolytics and taking ibuprofen can often aggravate the problem.

Lack of protein

We have commented many times that protein is basic for our hair. In fact, there are many masks or treatments that we perform and that contain them. When the body does not have enough protein, it will be noticed in the hair. Hence we have to pay attention to food.

The genetic

Of course, genetics also plays an important role in this case. Before her, we can do little and in this case, we will have to consult with our doctor to help us in the best way possible.

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Iron deficiency

In addition to protein, our body will also need minerals and other vitamins to perform its functions perfectly. That is why when we have deficiencies, these are noticed in the hair. In this case, we talk about the lack of iron.

When we have a problem like this, we just need to make an analytical to get rid of doubts. Once with the results, the doctor will surely give you some treatment that contains iron and you will notice the difference.

After asking what the causes of hair loss are, we also have to mention that the use of dyes or hair dryer very often can propitiate them. Some serious diseases or thyroid problems are also among the common causes.

Treatments against hair loss

In addition to those mentioned, there can always be other causes of hair loss such as lack of more vitamins, or an excess of them, anemia or, hypothyroidism. Although we should always consult our doctor, it does not hurt to try natural treatments that help us.

Massages with oils: While the oil helps to hydrate the hair and give it the softness and shine it deserves, it is also perfect to give us a message through the scalp. Such a massage will increase blood flow while strengthening the follicles.

You can use olive oil as well as almond oil or rosemary among others. Perform these massages a couple of times a week.



Onion juice also has numerous properties. You must liquefy an onion and apply its juice through the scalp, also through a light massage. You let it act about 20 minutes and then remove it with water.

The diet:

We must always control the diet, our health, and our hair. It should be balanced, add plenty of protein, nuts, vegetables, and remove the herbs and fried foods.

Aloe vera:

Without a doubt, it is another great resource. Not only because it gives more vitality and life in general to our hair, but because it is a powerful remedy against the fall of it. You must perform a massage with this ingredient.

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