Hair: how to keep the blonde shining

How to treat blonde hair, avoid becoming yellow or tend to green (due to swimming in the pool or the sea) and do not make them opaque specific products and advice for all shades.

Opaque, yellow, orange or, worse, green: these are the dreaded shades of blondes that, after 3-4 weeks after dying, are denser than split ends!

As soon as you leave the hairdresser, your hair is bright with natural reflections but how do you keep that beautiful blond? Well, know that a lot depends on you. Now that your hair has been lightened, you will need to use specific products to prevent the color from becoming flat. Whether you have asked for a solid color or just sunstroke, mechs. The oxidation process is, in fact, the same for all bleached hair, regardless of the chosen effects. In practice, blonde hair, if neglected, can become artificial, then either too yellow or greenish or tending to orange.


They are more effective than you think. First, you can use anti-yellow shampoo, specifically to avoid the typical yellowing of blondes after a beach holiday. It is a washing base enriched with blue-violet pigments: they envelop the capillary stem and “tonalize” the yellow shades. Use it like a normal shampoo, leave it in place for 2-3 minutes, then proceed to conditioner.

Depending on the degree of fading of your blonde hair, you adjust the frequency of use of the anti-yellow shampoo: nothing prevents you from alternating it with your usual shampoo, to cure special needs (dry hair, grease, fine, tending to fall etc.).

In the gallery, many products to preserve the shine of blonde hair. From shampoo to mask, passing through temporary reflexes: blond girls are all satisfied!

Sun protection

About sun, this is the main enemy of blonde hair color. By oxidizing, they lose color by assuming strange, decidedly unsightly tones. Better to use an anti UVA and UVB screen in direct sunlight, possibly as early as June. On the market, there are light fluids that do not weigh down the hair and can be used every day without the risk of greasiness.

After-specific shampooing

To keep the blonde in a more “sure” and defined way, you can try the capillary masks that accentuate the light reflections or, in some cases, add new ones. These are products that temporarily color the hair without resorting to chemical processes, ie those that penetrate the scales of the hair fiber. The pigments – from golden to very light blond – rest on the capillary stem to cover it with the new color. The effect lasts until the next 2-3 shampoos and then starts again. But in general, continuous use keeps the blonde bright and luminous, as just created by the hairdresser.

Products leave-in

They are extra care without rinsing, using after shampoo and conditioner on towel-dried hair. The amount to use varies according to the length of the foliage. Some products can be used every day on dry hair to preserve the color and soften the ends.

The extra advice

If you have a perfect color, know that there are specific products for cold blond and hot blonde hair. The difference? The first are those tending to platinum, the latter are all golden shades, which recall honey, wheat, etc.


Because some blond hair turns green? It happens if they have been strongly bleached or a light brown – golden blond base and you have gone to the cool blond.

It is a problem that brown hair can meet lightened by 3-4 tones.

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