Hair gel, homemade recipes and very natural

The hair gel is one of the most used products and classic, we have hair. As its name suggests, it is a gel that allows us to have a much more creative hairstyle than we could imagine. What will unleash our imagination?

Therefore, today we talk about some of the natural recipes to create your own hair gel. In addition to them, you will know how to use it step by step. A perfect way to enjoy a basic product in beauty and that allows us to enjoy endless hairstyles. Who gives more?

When we use hair gel

If we want to change our hairstyle slightly, we usually resort to some type of product like this one. Although there are different products to achieve the same goal, we usually use hair gel in wet or damp hair. Only a small amount will be enough to give our hair a new life. If you want a back wet hairstyle, then you will have to comb after applying the amount of gel. But this also serves to give more life to wavy or curly gel recipes

Homemade hair gel recipes

One of the most acclaimed recipes for making a hair gel is aloe vera. For this recipe, we are going to need about 90 grams of aloe vera. We will put it in a blender with 30 ml of liquid vanilla. If you want more properties for your hair, you can also use vitamin E in the form of a capsule. Once you have the mixture ready, you can keep it in a jar in the fridge, where it will hold you for a couple of weeks.

Gelatin is also another of the recipes we have for hair. On the one hand, because it has vitamins and minerals perfect for your care. But on the other, we find that it also works as a perfect hair gel. For this, we are going to need about 40 grams of gelatin powder and no flavor. We will mix it in 150 ml of water that is hot and stir well. If you are in a hurry and want the mixture to have a good consistency, then put it in the freezer for two hours. Then you can use it with the help of a comb.

The flax seeds are also other special hair products. Because our scalp is going to thank us because it will give it shine and softness. You will pour 250 ml of distilled water into a pot and take it to the fire. Add 40 grams of flaxseed and wait for it to boil. Once it boils, remove it from the heat and let it rest for 20 minutes. After that time, we put the liquid in a container to which we will add 20 ml of rose water and 5 ml of natural glycerin. You will leave it one day in the fridge and you can use your new hair gel.

How to apply the gel to comb

Before applying these types of products, we should wash our hair thoroughly. Then, we will place a small amount of the chosen gel on the hand, rub and apply through the hair, distributing the product well. Here comes what we have said at first. It will depend on the hairstyle you want to make because if you want a wet effect style, you should apply it and comb it back. If you want to mark the waves, then take a smaller amount of product and go separating the hair by strands to give it the desired shape. Of course, if you only need a little volume, then apply it to the roots. Finally, if you prefer a casual style, then you will forget the comb and you will help your fingers to complete it. If you spend with the amount of product your hair will be very ‘stiff’ and is not something that looks natural.

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