Hair dyes application and care

The hair dyes are used by many women for different reasons. The dyes can change our hair color and that is why they can be used to cover the gray hair or simply to modify our style. Some people use hair dyes a lot and there are those who have only tried it once. They are products that carry chemicals and can cause hair to weaken, so care is needed.

The current hair dyes are quite good and it is intended that they do not spoil the hair. In addition, they have ingredients that are allowed in the European Union and that do not harm health. It is important to buy quality dyes to care for the hair.

How to choose hair dye

Choosing hair dye is important. We have to look carefully at the type of tone we want since there are many different ones. Depending on the hair base we have, the color may be something different. In light hair, it is easy to apply dark tones because the base allows it. Otherwise, on black hair, you will have to bleach to achieve a brown or blond color. When in doubt, it is best to consult a professional to achieve the desired hair color.

Apply dye to hair

The hair dye can be applied in a hairdressing salon, although it can also be applied at home. Today there are high-quality dyes that can be bought in large areas and that offer a great color for hair. We have to be very clear about the color we want, so as not to carry surprises. You need some materials. An old towel or a coat and an old shirt are necessary because the dye can ruin the clothes. You have to have petroleum jelly on hand to avoid stains on the skin, latex gloves, a shower cap and a bowl with a brush to mix the dye. It is also a good idea to have tweezers handy to separate the hair. Vaseline is applied to the skin to prevent the dye from attaching to the skin.

If we have the hair separated into four parts, the dye should be applied little by little. If you have never used the dye, you must do an allergy test before to see if there is any skin reaction. With the brush, we will separate the strands and apply the dye on the roots. If we only have to cover roots, we will need less mixing. If it is necessary to apply on all the hair it is necessary to extend well the dye on all the hair. Finally, you have to massage the hair and put the shower cap to cover. The waiting time with the dye must be carefully controlled with the manufacturer’s instructions. After that time you have to apply cold water to clarify.

Dye care

The dye will need specific care, as it may lose its shine and color over time. It is important to buy specific products for dyed hair. For example, a hair shampoo with dye is necessary, since these shampoos have ingredients that help maintain color and shine in dyed hair. It is a way to ensure that the color remains in good condition once applied.

Take care of hair

The dyed hair can become more fragile because of the chemicals sprayed on it. In addition, it is usually drier, with a less soft touch. That is why it is very necessary to apply products to hydrate the hair, such as coconut oil, conditioners or masks. Apply to hair and leave at least twenty minutes is very important to restore the softness in the hair.

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